What’s about to happen?



What’s about to happen, what will be the nature of this ‘shift’ that so many of us are talking about?



Bottom line? I simply don’t know!



All I woke to was/were the basic schematic/s of the cycle as described in the God doc. no linear ‘story’ details attached per se. But then as I have described, the cycle is somewhat ‘mechanical’ in nature, the wheel turns we can’t stop it. So I can say in all honesty that YES the ‘shift’ WILL happen, it’s inevitable,. inescapable, in fact in the grand scheme it already happened! But then when, how, where and even who? I have no idea, well no, I think I know some bits and bobs, but I don’t KNOW, so there’s no point in making assumptions. (Assume Ass-u-me….. making an ass of u and me…. )


And I do try to remain objective, but that’s easier said than done, so I have to be totally frank here… I’m going to say this, because many of us are thinking it!


That there is still a part of me that wants to see ‘those bastards’ get their comeuppance, finally get what they deserve. (Standard Armageddon Scenario.) Is that what’s coming? Is the history in our collective consciousness correct, is that why it’s there? We all have a sense of ‘Armageddon’, yes in the collective consciousness, so why is it there?


And am I wrong in thinking that way? Well yeah probably, but it’s an honest feeling which at the very least needs closure. One way or another. And for me it’s only a whisper of an idea now, I’m way past revenge, Ahab’s White Whale can swim free. I have my mind set on greater heights, so to go back and bicker, nah… it really is not worth it this time, considering what’s at stake. I’m unattached unaffected, but then if it plays out that there is some kind of ‘spiritual-esque’ conspiracy, other than the bloody obvious conspiracy of greed. (All governing bodies become mafias in order to protect their comfortable positions.) If the ‘fallen’ did indeed take control of this realm via generations of passed on knowledge. And God now empowers an army to take it all back. Well I guess I’ll ride that train. Heck those bastards will force you on to it anyhow! We’ll see… Cross bridges as they come.


So this doc is going to try to maybe find some of the said closure, and maybe give us some ideas as to what may be coming.



(One thing I DO know is that when it happens, we will all look back and say, ‘Yeah, that’s the only way it could have gone down’! I know that for a fact! ‘God’ is always the optimum outcome/solution. And the only reason we can’t see it from here is because we are asleep… Yeah, after the event, we will all sit and wonder why we never saw it before, what with foretold hindsight being the ultimate spoiler.


Looking back? Yes, it’s like the knowledge in the God doc. that when you first read it can seem somewhat complex, and it can seem that it was hidden via that complexity. But then as I have explained, I simply woke to it, remembered it. So to me it all seems so bloody obvious. Of course ‘the cycle’ is how we exist, isn’t it obvious! Well, yes it is now. With my point being that we are now standing on the ass end of confusion as to what has to happen now in order to turn the wheel on a notch.)


In order to try to guess what’s going to manifest, which really only amounts to a conversation over tea and cakes? I’m going to try to look at this ‘problem’ from every perspective I can muster. It’s actually the case that this conversation is endless, I’ve already had it too many times. And yes this ongoing debate between assumedly enlightened people often gets heated, subtly aggressive, and for all the wrong reasons. With the reason simply being that of ‘dog politics’ a simple clash of egos.


I am ever coy when I speak of ‘God’, I pretend that I don’t really know stuff, when in truth from my perspective I am already part way awake, (essentially gone back to sleep re-immersed in the dream). What I’ve written in the God doc. I see as fact, you can disagree. I’m coy, because I’m sick of arguing about this…



Okay, perspectives:


I once had a dream that a goon ‘a soulless being’, came into my room and was trying to suck my soul out. So I panicked and woke, but then back in ‘realty’, the door to my room opened yet again and the goon walked in, so yeah more panic and I woke…and yet one more time the goon walked through the door. However, this time I laughed and told the goon to piss off, this as I’d realised the dream, so… Knowledge dispels fear! I woke back into my real room this time, well as real as real is but you know what I mean. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yes? No? Bear with me…


I want to jump now to a view of the cycle of creation from lost to found, with lost being fear, ‘via forgetting, fear of the unknown’, and found being love, held by God, knowing, remembrance, safety.


When I ‘woke’ I actually experienced this, it felt like I was a baby being thrown into the air by its Mother. Fear and joy, fear and joy, up and down, up and down, a valid view of what we are, if not rather condensed. The lost and foundedness of the cycle!


My point? We are now at the fear end of the cycle, reeling and wallowing in the unknown. And yes due to this, the mind is manifesting all of its said fears, we don’t feel safe (un-held by God, God is not apparent in our lives).


Therefore, we ‘worry’. (We are worriers-warriors.) We lose our keys and always right at the wrong moment. We lose our teeth, we get spots, we are attacked, we are robbed, add corruption and war, man this is indeed a f’ing nightmare we’re living in!


We are living in a fear manifestation created by a fallen mind, as I have described in the God doc.




Is it possible that we will simply wake up in this ‘shift’? Is it that we don’t have to fight the metaphoric ‘goon’, we simply laugh at it and it disappears? Like it did in my dream?


Okay it’s more complex but is it that we as a collective mind are now losing our fear, which is why the remembrance of the truth of who we are is coming back, the loss of fear IS indeed the ‘other side’ of the awakening? (Loss of fear = less panic = more remembrance. A simple case of that fear constricts your mind in both micro and macro, makes you not think straight. Which is why we cling to reality and defend everything when in truth we need no defence, we are God! A simple fear reaction due to the fall?)


Or maybe this can be seen as a simple seasonal change on the cosmic cycle? We’re simply moving out of the darkness, no need to analyse it so much. We aren’t really in control per se. The dark night is all but over and the Sun will shine. Our cyclic nature! As simple as night and day, winter to summer.


Again here to clarify. We are driven by the cycle yes, and yet we are also driving it, it’s both, as I have explained in the God doc. With everything being ONE, all opposites are indeed true at the same time, a non-linear way of thinking. That black is just another way of looking at white, this page could just as easily be black with white typeface on it, it’s still the same thing ‘contrast’. Stars at night, coal in the snow?



(It’s kind of like that because we are ONE, then if you push, you will be pushed. Because there’s nothing other than the self to push, therefore your actions, are relayed back to you.)


So yes I say at the very least, this is indeed our cosmic spring, you can see the signs in earnest now, you can hear the children talking, waking! And not just from the new age sector, science is twinning up now, and yes the so-called ‘normal’ folk are also more receptive, well… way more than they were! Probably due to such channelled ‘play and learn’ movies such as The Matrix etc. Realising that reality is not what you may think, or our experience of it at the very least. With my point here being that yes, some have been talking about this stuff for centuries so no it’s not new. But then it’s never been available to the masses before has it. Via the said ‘stealth’ play and learn channelled movies which as they entertain, can also subtly educate us as to the true nature of our existence. The only people who had such ideas in the past were the odd ‘mad’ scientists/philosophers, as well as the power plant users. ‘Matter is not solid, it’s energy oscillating.’ ‘Our experience of reality is via signals sent to the brain, it’s not hard line mechanical it’s more fly by wire, and the actual experience is within the abstract psyche, as in that your eye for example is just a camera sending signals via the optic nerve, your eye has never ‘seen’ anything, it’s all in your mind.’


You watch a movie, you have a good time, eat a pizza, and learn some shit!



So… Will we simply wake and wake, to the point that we will remember more of who we really are and in that our reflected reality will change around us, transform via our true magical nature? Will knowledge wake us, change our minds to change our reflected reality? It’s possible…!



But… What the f’ will that look like then? LOL


Well I opened a can of worms didn’t I? And it’s rather subjective, but I do always feel like I’m forgetting something lol…lol… (A bit of a joke in the face of what’s written in the God doc.!). What I mean is that, well, there was a TV series on recently ‘Once Upon a Time’. Where the magical kingdom fell asleep due to a curse by the Evil Queen. The once magical folk then lived in a humdrum working town in ‘our reality’ called Storybrooke, unawares as to who they really were?


And then one day of course the curse was broken and they all remembered who they really were!


You see when I ‘woke’, (I didn’t land in a reflected reality, I was existing in what I would call ‘system’). But that ‘reality’, was way more real than this one! More truthful, this place is a construct, basically an essential lie! So…could all of us who are of the higher levels, simply wake up in a place we more or less remember? Could it be that simple?


Again, it’s possible?



But then is it probable, is it viable!? What do I mean by that?


Okay, we can’t forget here ‘what we are’, which dictates ‘what we need’. This cycle is not purely logical, it’s partway magical yes, but I’m now talking about this from the perspective of our emotional needs. And we may well need a more ‘linear’ continuity. Because we most definitely need a good story line to follow, no matter how many levels or ‘stories’ (twin word, story = level, story = tale). No matter how many stories we climb, we need a good linking thread. We need a sense of continuity in order to give us fluid purpose, the ‘stories’ have to follow on in some way as they are basically a series, a boxed set.


So I’m basically saying that waking back to a place that we have already been? Well, do we want that, or do we want something new, fresh?


I don’t know!!! I’m asking you lot!!!??? Is it a case of ‘a rest is as good as a change’, or not unlike music, do we need a new ‘fad’, something fresh to crave and celebrate?


What the f’ do we want? Ever the problem!


Are you ready to go ‘home’ yet?


I for one am and I’m not. Yes, I want to return to God, but then I also want to experience some of the great adventures that I missed out on in life. And I want to do it all again with people who love each other, accept each other, why? Well, for every would be fantastic memory of a time in a place I have in this ‘place’, it’s always tainted by the petty back stabbing that seems to plague us in this realm. Nothing is true here, nothing seems clean, well for me anyhow…


Okay yes, there are gems hidden in my past, but I want to do it all again with a fresh heart and mind!




We live in a story format in order to quell our desires, it gives us needs to fulfil and in that it lends purpose, and this is going to sound a bit superficial, yes, the superficiality that is part of the All and yet it’s that which we don’t want to own. But… Outside of this harsh reality, which makes everything so poignant, so heavy. We do actually need… dare I say… ‘Entertainment’!


(What the hell is wrong with superficiality? What ever makes you happy guys!!!! Fashion etc. It’s all good when in a balanced mix!)


Yes, I know it sounds terrible, especially in the face of so many atrocities in this place. Man, you can’t tell the victims that they were nothing more than collateral damage to a stupid f’ing story line can you?


However, you really need to flip the perspective here and consider the fact that outside of the storyline, there is an infinitely bigger WAR going on!!!!! The war of a vesper thin strung out desolate soul. Outside of this movie we would be existing in an eternal hell of nothingness, as I have described. So I ask, is the evil we see here the lesser of the possible evils???? Do we need to step up to that reality?


Is the venom we feel here in fact merely the sting of the anti-venom? Is it as ever, all relative?



Where am I going with this? Well what I’m suggesting is that basically, when we know that life is more or less just a movie, and we get over the essential sufferance herein, and man that WILL take time, we need a Massive healing from this place!!!


But will we then live it more as if it is indeed a movie? Which means, that it may not be so bad to have a full scale revelation of a traditional God. Which would basically be a story overlaying the cycle turning, the waking truth chasing the nightmares away, seen in ‘reality’ as maybe Jesus and Mohamad coming in a mighty chariot. Thundering through the clouds as Buddha sits peacefully above them in the lotus position, then accompanied by an army of angels (read system tools), to then punish the heartless bastards who caused so much suffering on this plan-et? Something like that?


Which would then give closure to the many who have been abused. A cathartic punching bag no less? A beginning to the healing process?


Do we need to see the perpetrators pay?


An honest and deeply provocative question, you will have to dig deep into scary parts of yourself in order to answer this! And be brutally honest with yourself!!!


In movies we most definitely need ‘justice’!!! This or we shout indignantly at the screen! So, superficially YES we do need justice, call it closure, call it a good punch line!


Do we then balk when asked if we need what can be seen as revenge, because we don’t like what that need makes us???


In ‘life’, do we want to stab out and twist the knife, do we need to? And does that make us bad people? We are simply reacting, if left alone we would never dream of harm. Is it just a swinging of a cosmic scale that ‘they’ pulled down, we simply and firmly pull it back to balance position, no further????? We are not like them, it’s just a reaction to their action, if we hit them, then they basically hit themselves. They started it, and yes it does matter who started it!! Because without starters, nothing gets started to even raise that point that it never mattered who started it.



This is not an easy subject by far. Our minds say no, violence leads only to violence. We can let it go, but can we? Can we???


In our minds we can tell ourselves that these people, these heartless animals who squandered life for a mere few dollars all in all. They lived their cycles, they fulfilled their purpose. They wanted money and power, they had money and power and now it’s our turn, so they must go. (We can’t coexist because they ‘get theirs’ via controlling and subduing us. Which means that we can’t ‘get ours’.) They created a need in us via the enslavement and depravation, all boxes ticked. They completed their cycles and now we can complete our own. And remember, there are no winners here, it’s just a never ending ride. So it’s not a judgement per se. All too soon as the wheel turns, those greedy bastards will be back and giving it to you yet again, ‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir, shall I bend over Sir!’. So pity? They don’t deserve it, they will do the same thing over and over eternally!!! It’s like the scorpion and the frog, of course the scorpion will sting, it’s in its ‘nature’!


So can we then just let them bastards have it, no looking back NO PITY! Like Lot leaving Sodom?




But then if you have no pity, then Who The Fuck Are You!?



Is pity not one of the signs of what we call Godliness? More of a trait in fact!!



Well I won’t stand and fight this dilemma it’s a fool’s game, a game that every good boxer knows well. When the other guy is laying into you with impossible combinations, cover up and move out of the way, and so this is exactly what I’ll do.


I leave the judgement to a higher power, ‘Please God let it be that I never ever have to judge ‘what and they’ of whom I will never be qualified to judge’.


Which is not so simple is it… In ‘life’ a man kills another man in order to save his family, is that even a choice?


It breaks my heart this game… Sometimes it breaks my heart…


(Again the perplexing comes via the linear mind’s want for absolution, a great word. Meaning forgiveness and peace yes, but then constructed from the root word ‘absolute’. We, via our linear logical nature want to tie all loose ends, and yet here we enter the realm of God, the great contradiction! You can’t be two opposites things at the same time can you…. or can you?


And here let me also say that I love the phrase, ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’. Yes, we can procrastinate all we like, but then hesitate and the widow passes you by. Life is a game to be played, if in doubt just play it like you feel it, but then what if you are wrong? Well…It won’t be the fucking first time will it!!! Or the fucking last for that matter! Get over yourself!!!


Feelings! Yes! When I don’t ‘know’, when I don’t have all the facts, when the facts can’t be gathered. I just go with my gut. This because your ‘gut’ is actually an off stage prompt from God! And no your ‘gut’ won’t always make you ‘right’, but it is ‘how the story goes’. AND HERE…. We can all learn something about FORGIVENESS!! Despite the best will in the world, and from the purest heart, we all fuck up sometimes, and when we do…. the people we love sometimes get hurt…)



Soooo…….. Armageddon as Genocide?



No, the fear manifestations aren’t ‘real’, not that any of us are, it’s all just showbiz at the end of the day…


Is that a heartless insensitive view? Well yes indeed, from at least one perspective it is isn’t it!


But we are now sharing God’s ever contradicting view in the considering of the above, that the truth is that there is no perfect solution, well as far as I can see?


Yes, it’s easier for us to stand back and let God strike ‘them’ down from above, as we wash our hands and walk away as clean as a whistle, as if we are Not God…


Yeah, as I told you in the God doc. Oneness is ugly, messy, incestual, no one needs to see that shit, there’s no clean ledge to stand upon in that place. When the shit hit the infinity fan, everyone got hit, no place to hide, as in fact there is ultimately no-ledge. We did it to ourselves! Masochistically narcissistic, systematically sympathetic, posthumously apologetic!



Hey do we need to open a window in here? Come back to good old physical space where we are reasonably real and in that relatively guilt free?



And don’t let the above view mess you up by the way, because we are what we are, at the end of the day, we are defined by our choices, we don’t all play monsters, we’re not all Vincent Price. But we do have to ‘know’… we’re all connected. Everyone’s poop stinks…


Some of us do great deeds, courage in the face of fear. But then if you want to wear the medal then you have to ‘own’ the war… And anyhow we know, the true heroes don’t need medals do they…they don’t ‘own’ wars, they are victims of them. They simply act as they feel. If we celebrate them at all, we should celebrate them every day for who they ever are! They must feel loved… Not stuck at the back of a tick-a-tape parade in a NHS wheelchair (Metaphoric).


The middle path? Yeah, I am grateful to be small… I do love God… God saves us from more shit than you can imagine from here! Well, maybe you can…



But then back to the original thread:



Maybe shift perspective here to that of the mainstream view, and I would say that most people are more likely to follow a magical Jesus figure than a conglomerate of the ‘New Age People’s Popular Front of the Plant Earth, based in Judea. ’ (NAPPFPEJ). Especially if the returning Jesus has a really nice beard and sandals.


I think we need a leader, a focal point to get behind, to homogenise us. And then the biblical view IS deeply seated within us, so I would go with that format personally. Bring back the God view, explaining the miracles that will be changing our reality, and then the gaps, the ‘science/understanding’ can be filled in later. It works for me! In fact, my understanding has always been via traditional biblical symbolism. As I always say, if I’d woken after working on Ealing Bus Station, then the whole story would lack bite wouldn’t it. And anyhow, don’t we all love a good traditional God story, it’s kind of comforting, like a traditional Xmas. The Charlton Heston movie where the strength of Moses makes us feel kind of safe. Really, I mean that, we simply can’t escape our nature and we love that stuff, we do!


And then you know how people are! What’s it gonna take, to round them all up and steer them to a safer place? It can be like a dog in a ditch you see. The poor mutt is stuck and yet when you try to reach down and pull him out, the little f’er bites you, (fear)! We are such dogs, and in the biggest ditch you ever did see, trapped by our subconscious belief in this our physical reality… And I say subconscious because even the hardened hippies who tell you every day that this place is, ‘just a dream man’, they will balk when the shit hits. This is gonna be big!!! How can it not be? We have been held down for so long!!! We will be likened to animals who have been kept in cages, and then the door finally opens and we can’t quite believe our eyes… Freedom??? Is it possible, is it a trick?


Yeah maybe a team up of Jesus and Mohamad will do the trick. The two more political religious figures in unison who already have the approval of the other great religions, that are all telling the same story anyhow.


Yeah religion is a problem, it’s too ridged, I can just imagine what would happen if someone left a half-eaten bacon sandwich just inside the gates of heaven (metaphoric).


And… speaking before of The Judean People’s Popular Planet Earth Front… What about women (Reg)?


What about the female perspective in all of this? Because half the story is miss-ing isn’t it!? And I’m not going to expound on this possibility, but there’s something very amiss about the Jesus Story. In that how many of the first followers and preachers of ‘Christ’ were female. Which was Very odd at that time! You’ve only got to visit India in this day and age to see how odd it would be for women to be speaking out in such a way! The point I’m raising, or question I’m asking, is, ‘What was it that Jesus said that was so appealing to women’? And you already know that it wasn’t the promise of handbag heaven… maybe shoes yes… but…


NO! There was something very odd about the story, like how when Paul, who was a Pharisee turned born again…odd. When he was traveling with Feclar, preaching the same story. They killed her and he was spared…? And it was Paul who compiled/vetoed the New Testament? So what was it that was so appealing to women that Jesus said, that Paul left out, and! They said that Jesus spoke in ways that had never been heard before. Well the New Testament is just a rehash of the same old biblical theme. Even a rehash of the Osiris story in fact. So something is NOT right about what happened there, and I don’t bother with conspiracy theories, there’s no end to them, but then let’s just say that it wouldn’t surprise me if Jesus was actually a decoy, it was in fact Mary Magdalene who had ‘the power’ all along…



(The Matrix… ‘Trinity, I thought you were a guy?’ ‘Yeah, most guys do!’.)



But yeah, it’s all just conjecture…



What’s gonna happen? How will it happen?



I do know that God will see it that it happens in the only way that it can and we can’t know that before it happens or the story is spoiled.



Sum up?



I guess I wrote a lot of really clever stuff on this site didn’t I? Not that it’s mine, it’s ours but then let’s face it. We’re just a bunch of kids on a ride aren’t we? So we know some shit, yeah we got some skills. We even know how the cycle works now, we can drive somewhat. We have the tools for our own propulsion, we can steer our ships, but to where? God knows but we aren’t helpless are we? We are what we are, a pretty cool bunch if you ask me!!!!


So no need to suffer our faith, no need to crawl, BUT!


I’m not a religious man, but I do reckon that at least one day a week, no matter how high or low we go. We do need to stop and remember who and what we are, more importantly who and what are not! And even more importantly still, in the face of the solitary hell of Oneness… what we ever mean to each other. Yeah keep the Sabbath.


Sure we piss each other off sometimes, that’s only healthy, our differences grate sometimes, the clashing keeps us on our toes, wakeful. But then all in all it matters not, we are on a road to nowhere, no one wins and no one gets out alive, so what the f’. Let’s end this war… finally.


And I’m not talking about the physical wars on the planet, I’m talking about the subtle petty war, the micro of the macro. We really need to know now that we are indeed all one, we are family, like it or not. Because this recognition of self in others is the healing at the heart, the ONE path out of this nightmare! And it’s not easy is it, because we are cliquey Fact! And that’s okay! It’s a gift to have a close band, special people in your lives. And we don’t have to hug everyone, but we really must respect and allow.


Unity is the ONLY way, why? Well the mind has to come back together in order to reboot the system, let the magic in!!!!!!!!! Too many times I have been in conversations with so called spiritual people who only ever want to tear you down??? It will NEVER work that way NEVER! Together we are stronger, together we can solve the puzzle, together we can all feel fine, fine, fine. The cycle is driving us, we have our cue, it’s time for us drive the cycle in re-turn and UNITE. What is God? Let’s agree on just one word. LOVE!


‘Don’t fear me man, I mean you no harm, in fact the opposite is true I wish you well in your meanderings. But don’t fear me, I’m just you, unrecognisable via a cosmic hall of mirrors.’


Or something like that, it would look good on a t-shirt. No…



UN-TIE AND UNITE, that’s a t-shirt….no…



UNITE… Now that’s a fucking t-shirt!



I don’t know what to say really, on who and what we are. We get through somehow, sometimes we gush, sometimes we back bite but then we always tend to step up when the shit hits. If we unite then it’s easier, when you feel down the others pick you up. If the others are heading west, then we have strong momentum, you can rest and pick it up when you are stronger.



But then my opinion for what it worth to round off this doc. On what’s about to happen and when?


Well, I’ve been following the signs now for 21 years. And it’s hard to say because I thought the shift would have happened before now. But then as every year passed I saw why we were simply not ready, and so I ask the question. Are we ready now?


So YES, I think it’s time… I think we are ready, because I think that I am ready, if you see what I mean. I don’t see that there is anything more for me to learn (personal micro of the macro). I have tried to tell my tale for the said 21 years and no one takes me seriously and I DO understand why. We are all so sick of false promises, dead ends in the maze with 2012 being the biggest.


The talking goes around in circles, no one really listens anymore, and even if they do we need something more tangible now, we need begin the beguine, the cosmic dance.


Time to see what we really are!


And then shift perspective this plan-et is on the clock now, if we are seen as cosmic birds, I guess it’s time to migrate, this place is only going to get colder. All has been said, all has been done, they are on a road to austerity read pain and destruction, and no one can stop them.


And! More simply my gut tells me… it’s time!


When? Well ‘now’, with now meaning imminent, months not years.


Can’t you feel it growing inside of you? Forget your mind, just breathe deeply and feel, it’s finally real-izing isn’t it! In 2012 it was just a bumper sticker, but now it’s growing within.



How will it happen? We can cross that bridge when we come to it!