‘God’… The meaning of life, (Enlightenment).



In order to understand ‘What exists and how it exists’, you are going to have to learn to think in a completely different way, but then don’t worry. I’ll walk you through this new ‘paradigm’ via examples taken from our linear realm.


You have to also understand that the finite/linear mind-set that you are used to, that you are ‘essentially’ immersed in, is Not the only perspective within the ‘All’, and that it is indeed intrinsically a very limited view! However, it’s the only perspective that linear conscious beings can view from. Therefore, I’ll use examples likened to verbal M. C. Escher drawings, twisting perspective in order to help you see ‘outside of the box’.



So yes…basically it’s all energy, we all know that now don’t we? But then try not to think of this ‘energy’ from the strict tangible perspective, it’s simply mind. And then mind? We can get hung up on words and their definitions, especially if you have been studying modern spirituality/metaphysics, that which would see a difference ‘at base’ between consciousness and ‘mind’ (mine - d = defined character). Let’s not get anal here, I am using the term ‘mind’ very loosely. Try not to get picky it won’t serve, better to try to understand via context. Because I do have to say that I have noticed a competitive edge, well obviously in mainstream society, but this ego battle has actually permeated what we may call spirituality, a bastion that the ego really shouldn’t enter. So please understand that you don’t have to believe all that is written below, I’m just telling my tale, ‘I’m not selling anything’.


Also bear in mind that this is intrinsically an extremely difficult subject to broach, why? Because we are trying to view something that is 50% infinite, and yet via a 100% finite lens?! Indeed, you will see that this fact will render the logical descriptions as ‘circular’, with ends being beginnings, so there’s no defined place to even begin an explanation from. It’s not as you are used to, A to B, A is B! And indeed, the initial attempt to explain/understand will fail, why? Because the ‘concept’ won’t make sense until the ‘circuit’ of understanding completes, when the end again becomes the beginning. We are no longer thinking in terms of lines that themselves are rootless, can have no logical origins. We are now thinking in terms of self-supporting circuits! ‘Isnesses!’ I will also explain why an ‘isness’ is actually a very logical conclusion, not just a convenient cop out.


(This means that you will probably need to read this text a few times, it should make more sense on and after each circuit. In fact, some of what was written early on, was actually put there for the second read! And this is also why I’m trying to keep it a short as possible, so you can loop it. It’s still quite long but then the comprehensive explanation is more like a university degree course. You can


get lost in the longer explanation, if it’s fussy, tying up and tidying every lose end, then you lose the sense of the circuit, you won’t complete, and so it can seem like one big linear mess. A complex body of linear text. So many interwoven perspectives, and then the fuller explanation also needs the essential feed-back of Q and A. Yes, this written text is not the ideal format for understanding, better an ongoing conversation between friends, but then it will have to do.)


Okay, so the initial explanation will be expected to be linear, with the linear mind expecting a logical linear conclusion (origin theory), when in truth the explanation will bend back on itself to then become circular, a self-supporting logic circuit, an ‘isness’ yes a very different way of thinking. And yes you will ‘understand’ it, the concept will indeed conclude in your mind, but then try explaining it to someone else and the fun begins, round and around you will go, and, where do you even start?




All that exists is an ‘Infinite Conscious Intellect’, and from this, the appearance/manifestation of ‘reality’ appears. Call it an illusion if you will, but then when tied to it, it’s as real as real ever is/was! In fact, you will see that what you thought was real, is actually ‘reel’, an ever recurring loop. So yes real, not solid and tangible per se, but it keeps on occurring on a constant pulse so it’s as real as real is…


(Here’s a good time to further explain why I am trying to shorthand this and more importantly, explain what’s missing, all of the corroborating ‘facts’ that the mainstream demands! This explanation found and understood via the following examples: Is the physical realm real or just an illusion? I would normally speak here extensively of such concepts such as; how are we Not holograms? You see even current science agrees and has proven that we are not solid physical beings. We are an assembly of focussed points of energy, oscillating at varying frequencies in order to create quantum force fields that then create the appearance of tangible boundaries within the said blanket energy ‘field’, (we are fundamentally pixilated, and yet the pixels have no mass). Some science still tries to claim that there is an element of mass, but that’s simply calculated via energy value!! Which bears no relation to solidity!! Everything is infinitely divisible. Therefore, if our solidity is created via focussed points of energy oscillating at varying frequencies, and in truth we/all are/is merely energy, then how are we Not ‘holographic’? Because we most certainly aren’t solid! In fact, I challenge science, if there is any tangible mass in the universe, then prove it, send me a mere cup full, accompanied via an explanation of what it’s made of…! That really is like looking for the small end of ‘space’, the micro boundary, which is in fact the same as looking for the large end/boundary. With the only difference being that the small end can be metaphorically swept under the rug, whereas the large end is the macro elephant in the room, as in ‘What is beyond?’ and there sure is a LOT of ‘beyond’, there isn’t a rug big enough to sweep the macro boundary under! But then the point is that this above is actually describing the very definition of a hologram ‘hard light’ so…


Whilst we are on this subject, let me quickly explain an important anecdotal point: If in truth all is energy, oscillating from pos to neg at varying frequencies, not vibrating, vibration is movement and movement requires mass. The energy has no mass, which is why it is ‘oscillating’, pulsating from a positive to a negative state, to then create the appearance of matter. Then, in truth your hand is your car is your dog, from the perspective of the base nature of energy all is the same blanket energy field. Which means that anything that this field seems to contain, the field must in fact be... What with boundaries being a construction/illusion. And then! The field seems to contain consciousness…..so think about it….How then is the field not itself conscious?



We may also consider the nature of what we call ‘reality’. We know that our experience of reality is not a physical one, it’s merely achieved via a set of signals ultimately interpreted within the abstract psyche. And then via the example of dreaming we can also understand that the mind itself can indeed create its own ‘signals’, that then creates its own reflected outer reality, the dream. So could we be existing within a shared ‘reality matrix’ created by a greater intellect, a central server, the conscious energy field? Yes, it is indeed feasible. However, this kind of exploration of reality or ‘Debate between those who demand that the world is real and explainable, in order to pursue their own soulless agenda, and those of us who basically adhere to a realm of eventual justice.’, will extend this text to the point that the thread will be lost. Because as I have said, we need to loop it, it really needs to be read in one sitting ideally. Put the text down and you lose the thread. Which is why I’m going to leave out all of the corroborating science that you should know by now anyhow!! This ‘case for the defence of ‘God’’.)



Again then… All that exists is an ‘Infinite Conscious Intellect’, and from this, the appearance/manifestation of ‘reality’ appears. Call it an illusion if you will, but then when tied to it, it’s a real as real ever is/was!


This when manifest, which means ‘viewed’ in fact, always creates a dichotomy. (To view/conceptualise is to ‘primarily manifest’ as in a defined visualisation, all manifestation begins via conceptualisation/visualisation.) This creates a dichotomy/duality as in that within the conscious mind, there is always a ‘sense’ of endlessness that can’t be logically resolved.


So, we have the concept of the infinite even if that can’t be visualised, simply because the infinite can’t be quantified or ended… And right here we can also see that the infinite can never manifest why, simply because in order to manifest, it would have to be defined/sized. And so we can also realise/know that the infinite is ever unseen, un-viewable!


The dichotomy or contradicting duality is that then of the finite, which is defined/knowable, and the infinite which is un-quantifiable and so unknowable, two opposing states!

You can’t see this paradoxical ‘All’ as one entity, if it is to be ‘seen’ as ‘One’ in theory, then that would be in its infinite endless state, but then that can’t be seen. So the All is One in truth, but that Oneness can’t be ‘known’. And even ‘Oneness’ is the wrong description because it implies a quantification, so it’s more of an unknowable potentially complete isness…


What is the Infinite? Well it’s hard to say, we can only ever see it’s effect, I suppose it’s potentially anything, limited then only by the limitation of that which views it. It’s like never ending potential/energy …….………..moving on…



Another Very important point at this stage in the explanation, is to realise above ego, that not all ‘intelligence’ is conscious!


We can understand this via the example of the reptilian centre of the human brain complex.


(Well, I’ve never personally stuck probes into a human brain whilst the person was still conscious. Leave that to the Frankenstein folk. ‘Not judging just describing lol…’ But it is said that the reptilian centre of the brain ‘complex’ is responsible for ‘natural’ function, heartbeat, cell regeneration etc. Yeah funny to think that the only way you can actually know this, is to stimulate areas of the brain of a conscious ‘awake’ patient in order to gauge the reaction. I guess we see this as Nazi science, but it’s really just science in general. No way around it, if we need to learn, then we have to ‘tinker’. However, no matter where the ‘natural’ functions come from, the point is that we do not consciously control what we call natural body function, indeed we can’t because these functions have to continue when we are asleep.)


So we know, well science knows that the reptilian region of the brain complex controls what we call ‘natural’ function, although the term supernatural would be more apt, because there’s nothing natural about it, not in the sense of the word, in which it’s implied.


The conscious mind tends to think that it’s the be all and end all, due to its sense of self. But then there’s no way you could continually and ‘consciously’, pump your lungs, beat your heart, digest your food, regenerate your cells etc. Which shows that there is an aspect of your ‘self’, that is way more ‘intelligent’ than the ‘you’ you think you are, from the perspective of pure processing power! And from this one example we should be able to see that there is also ‘intelligence’ within the ‘All’, creation, that is not conscious and yet it is tied to the conscious aspect! (On at least the second reading, you will see that non conscious intelligence can be infinite, not then evoking the paradox.)


The point that not all intelligence is conscious, is a very important realisation for the egotistical ‘self’. That itself, the conscious viewing aspect, is NOT the ‘be all and end all’! Without the ‘supporting’ intelligence, the conscious aspect could not function, this point will become more and more apparent as we move on.


You see the conscious aspect is intrinsically ‘focused’ and so limited because it’s a viewer, a lens if you like, and via the limitation of that focus it has trouble multitasking, so it can’t ‘process’ to any significant degree. The processor aspect of the All is attached and accessible but the viewer itself, what we call the self, is actually very basic in the sense of pure intelligence.


I suppose a good working example would be of face recognition software attached to a camera. The software is sophisticated and yet the camera is a basic tool. Of course in the example of ‘us’, the camera, or viewer, feeds back/interacts with the software. So very quickly here we are seeing even in the human example, which is a fractal of the ‘All’. That we are machine like in that we are computer assisted via our reptilian centre. If we did not have this function we wouldn’t be able to survive, again because a conscious focused viewer could not multitask, process to the required degree. And it bears repeating that the bodies so-called natural functions are in No Way natural, in the sense of ‘natural’ being a ‘get out of jail free card’ that for some reason doesn’t need explaining??? Like in the example of a man cutting bricks; a brick fragment flies towards his eye and his eye closes faster than he can see the fragment coming, acknowledge it? ‘Yeah that’s a natural reaction!’, they say. What, that there is a ghost within you that can see and react faster than your conscious mind can acknowledge, and that’s ‘natural’ is it??? They also call this a reflex, as if that also makes sense, ‘Oh that’s just a reflex!’, well what is a reflex, how exactly does it work?



Let me surmise then at this point. I have pointed out the ever present primal duality of finite and infinite. Spoke to an extent as to their true nature, and also begun to tackle the true nature of ‘intelligence’.



Okay, having digested the above, (If not then maybe read the above a few times before you move on, in fact the text is sectioned so if you don’t understand each section, then loop it). Having digested the above let’s take a completely new perspective in order to further understand this complex subject, this then below is indeed the ‘God’ perspective, pretty mind blowing in fact when fully realised.



What exists is an Infinite Conscious Intellect…


From the infinite perspective it does not deal in time, it’s what we would have to call an ‘isness’. It exists NOW, one complete and static now, not the series of micro streaming pseudo nows, that which we call ‘time’.

But then let me make the term ‘isness’ seem more logical, easier to not only understand, but easier to accept. This because the conscious linear perspective has trouble in letting go of its linear and logical view. I will use an exercise in thought, this in order to better accept the infinite ‘isness’.


Okay, we are going to use the problem that all school kids know well, this when considering the concept of the Big Bang Theory. ‘What went bang and how did that get there?’



Nothing can come from nothing as there is no possible action in true nothingness in order to flip the nothing into something. Ergo, if there was ever nothing, then it would have to have stayed nothing and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. In fact, from the logical view, nothing ever existing would have been the most logical and tidy conclusion, nice and neat. Nothing exists, so no need for explanations and origin theories, and it stays that way. Very ‘clean’.


And so very simplistically speaking, you should be able to realise, that because something exists, as we are witnesses to that fact, then something must always have existed?! FACT! (Nothing can come from nothing: Ergo, something must have always existed!) Which of course is ‘mind blowing’, but then only to an egotistical consciousness that works via linear feedback loops ‘re-cognition’, and therefore thinks in a linear way, which then sees it always searching for logical beginnings and endings to its linear streaming. (I will speak more on the nature of linear consciousness later, but let’s not lose the thread.)


Mind blowing! Something has always existed, no start, no end, you simply can’t ‘Get your head around it’, it’s totally un-quantifiable and yet proven via a logical conclusion, that nothing can come from nothing! So…. Something…must have always existed…????


A more complex view is that if indeed there were a reason for the Big Bang expansion/explosion, then that tangible ‘reason’ itself would also need a reason, an origin theory for its own existence. And the subsequent reason, would need a reason…


All you would ever see would be an infinite cascade of reasons that itself could have no origin.


Therefore, in the example above, Logic (finite) has found Magic (infinite)! How so, and why did I introduce the word magic? Well what is the very definition of Magic? Something that happens for no tangible reason! And we have logically found, concluded, that existence simply is, always ‘is’, an ‘isness’, and for no possible logical reason. ‘What is’ has no origin, it’s ‘always there’. Which yes, is the very definition of Magic. (Magic – Logic, the great duality.) You may need to think on this a while, the ego has trouble letting go, and the ego is a logic construct, so the acceptance of magic part way destroys it, magic destroys logic, so the ego WILL fight!


(But then no, the isness is not always ‘there’, it ‘is’, this infinite truth is un-manifest, ‘there’(location) comes and goes can I say within it? Of course we are not ‘within’ it, it has no possible boundary to be ‘within’. The manifest exists in its own bubble perspective of time-space, driven or powered by the isness. Again I don’t want to over complicate this text, so let’s move on.)


Don’t try to ‘understand’ the infinite, to understand is to quantify/resolve/define, or even to visualise. This can’t be visualised, visualisation is a quantification and the infinite is not quantifiable. Something always existing? This is never going to make ‘sense’ in terms of strict logic. The linear mind is ever looking for ‘beginnings and endings’, (boundaries-quantifications), which it has to be noted here, themselves are the same things heading in opposite directions, beginnings and endings are both simply points beyond which there is ‘nothing’, the impossible illogical null before and after. Not a problem per se in the manifest, that in your street the boundary of your house starts here, and then ends there. And I say ‘per se’ because it’s fine in the local view, everything begins and ends, but you still can’t quantify the macro ‘space’ you are living ‘in’ can you? How big is ‘space’? Ever expanding? What a cop out, expanding to where, and if it is expanding into a void, which is Not nothing it’s a void, then how did that void get there and how big is that? And! How can you be ‘in’ space, when space can’t have a logical/explainable boundary to be with ‘in’???


Yes…Logic is taking a bit of a beating here isn’t it!!! It’s not as smart and tidy as it thought it was, is it?


The understanding here of the above, comes only via the very logical acceptance that something simply must have always existed…?


Which is not logical in itself, but then the conclusion is logical! Again I say, it does bear repeating, here, logic finds and accepts what we may call ‘instantaneousness’. But then even that stupid term is simply logic trying to make ‘sense’ of everything it views. Let’s face it, it’s magic we are talking about isn’t it. And no to all the religious people, not ‘Miracle’ that’s a pompous lofty condescending term as if ‘God’ is logical and ‘God’ does logical miracles, it’s magic pure and simple. (Magic – Logic, the great duality! Instantaneous infinite magic, and defined quantifiable logic. And I will also say here, with no explanation, that it takes logic, in order to view magic…You can figure out why I say that on the next reading.)



Again we take a shift in perspective in order to better understand. (Or you can loop back if you don’t get it yet.)



Why can’t the linear conscious mind understand or even in some cases accept the magical infinite eternal perspective of what we are?


It’s due to how conscious ‘self-awareness’ is achieved, how it works! This via re-cognition, ‘I think therefore I am’.


The linear mind has the ability to separate itself into three aspects. The viewer, the view-screen or mind’s eye, and the essential ‘space’ between the two, the ‘neutral zone’, this that stops the two from still being one entity. And via this mechanism, the mind can achieve a sense of self, ‘the viewer’, that is self-aware via thinking.


The ‘viewer’ is standing away from and then viewing it’s thought bubbles on the screen we can call the mind’s eye. Via this process it can then witness itself thinking and in that recognise the thinker, itself!


In fact, it’s not really a matter of conscious thought, this feeding back or the re-cognition of self via an external medium (feed-back), is as basic as the feed-back of a subtle awareness of all of the aspects of itself and its reflected realty, that which it deems not to be itself ‘the viewer’.


The sense of the body, subtle and yet constant, the reflected reality, no need to view per se, just have that constant subtle awareness of. This that is actually achieved via a mechanism that is not dissimilar to radar! The mind is constantly witnessing, processing all external information/data, to then assemble a ‘picture’ of its physical from and reflected reality. Why do I say ‘reflected reality’? Well, later on I will better explain how conscious beings always come complete with a reflected realty. Without an external reality, there is no internal reality, sense of defined self. The outer defines the inner, outside of ‘reality’ we aren’t anything per se, just a conscious viewer of nothing…and so nothing ourselves. (Think on that, if you are a mind, no body and no outer reality, then what are you?) Remembering/noting here that even your physical form is external to your ‘self’, the viewer.


(And I also have to say here, that mankind already knows this above, in fact since Descartes coined the term ‘I think therefore I am’. If you don’t understand it from the above, go buy a book lol..)


So, basically our ‘self’ is continually feeding back, re-cognising all external data, much like a radar. Sense of form, sense of location, internal thought. And via this re-cognition mechanism, witnessing the ‘thinking’, the ‘thinker’ is also recognised.


(In meditation, it is possible ‘because God allows as a learning tool’, to negate the external data stream. This will then give an enormous sense of freedom, beyond feed-back so no pain = ‘the ecstatic’. It’s even possible to connect with the ‘programming’ behind reality. But then the programming language is somewhat chaotic…. So good luck! Yeah no, I don’t meditate, I always ending up thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner. My experience was/is shall we say, different! More like ‘Kabbalah’ (meaning reception) in fact, but then I am Jewish in this reality!)


In microcosm, this feed-back re-cognition ‘mechanism’ is like mini radar pulses, loops or circuits. Which then shows that if the pulses do not return, if the circuits do not complete, feed-back, if you do not re-cognise, then your metaphoric ‘submarine self’ will be running blind.


And of course when your mind returns to its infinite state, which it does on continual cycles, due to the unresolvable paradox of what we are. When your mind returns to its infinite state, all is in the same non place, all is theoretically one, and yet that theoretical one can’t manifest as I have explained. And so in that state the mind can’t ‘separate and feed-back’, so it’s not self-aware, and we call this un-re-cognised state of un-self-awareness, ‘sleep’.


(This is why we sleep, the mind is constantly shifting from each contradicting state within the All, it’s an unstoppable contradicting pulse. When we are awake we are finite when we sleep our minds return to the infinite.)


But then what we can also understand here is that even at the micro level, conscious is tied to time-space and logic, how so? Because it’s running on, feeding back on ‘logic circuits’. Outward pulse or question, and return or answer. Which requires the viewer to stand away from the viewed! There HAS to be a ‘space’ between the two, even if that is a metaphoric space in mind!


This time-space mechanism, is how the linear mind; One, is self-aware, via feed-back re-cognition of itself, a constantly pulsing re-cognition of thought etc. And Two, how it ‘navigates’ the linear realm. With a good example of ‘navigation’ being sight! You look, you see, you move, you look you see you move, and all via feed-back loops or……………logic circuits constantly pulsing, constantly updating its ‘nows’ moment by moment!! The very definition of linear time!!! (A stream of micro fragmented nows, like movie frames to the movie that is in truth, still, complete and in ‘In the can’.)


With the greater understanding of the term I use ‘navigation’ being ‘understanding’. We question and then understand our way through ‘reality’ via Q to A logic loops. ‘What is this, where do I go, is the road clear, can I cross etc. etc.’ Always feeding back, in terms of both self-awareness and understanding.


To surmise. Consciousness, self-awareness, is a strictly logical process that is totally reliant on; One: Time-space, the essential space between perspectives of viewer and view-screen aspects in mind, and the time it takes to (re)-cognise feed-back. But then everyone should know by now that time and space are tied, inseparable! Common knowledge. And Two: That the mind navigates, or ‘understands’ it’s reflected reality via constantly updating logic circuits, a continual processing of questions and answers, feed-back loops.


Which is why…………………!


The mind can’t ‘understand’ the infinite ‘isness’!


And then via ego out of balance, thinking that it, the conscious aspect, is the be all and end all. It can’t understand or accept what I have called magic, because it’s ‘endless’, no origin, no size, no reason. The question may go out in the navigation pulse, but there will NEVER, be an answer, and simply because? You can’t quantify the infinite/magic! You can’t size it, imagine it, know it!!! And then there will never be a reason for magic, so the logic circuits are left open and spinning (confusion), and the logical mind hates that! However, we can via this information close the circuits, not as logically as we would like, but we can find closure.


How can we accept magic? Because we can accept that something can exist forever in that for no possible reason. Why is the Infinite magic? Because it has no root cause!


(The finite knows that the infinite must in theory exist, because it can’t logically conclude ‘anything’.)


Final surmise on this subject. Intrinsically, consciousness cannot ‘understand’ the infinite, its ‘isness’ it’s instantaneous or magical nature! And so it has trouble accepting magic, ‘God’. The conscious linear aspects ‘us’, when cosmically young, can’t understand that magic exists when their logic is only basic. They need what we can call a super-logic, which is what this text basically is. A greater understanding!


And! This is INDEED, what the new age are actually talking about when they speak of rebalancing our male and female sides!!!! It’s not a question of men strapping on false tits in order to feed their children. Although sure it NEVER hurts to understand your partner’s life!!!!! Walk a few miles in their shoes, that’s a given. The male and female balance in question, the very essence of the new age, is a remembrance of God! A remembrance of our ‘female’ magical nature! At the moment it’s all ‘male’ logic and that is keeping us small!


And so! If the linear aspects can’t understand ‘magic’, then they will always be stuck at the ‘What went bang’ conundrum. Viewing always Only from the logical aspect, a lopsided view, not the whole truth. Which is where science is now stuck, assuming that one day they will find the reason for the Big Bang expansion. Not even fast enough to realise that the reason will need a reason…



(Some have said that the world is all male but that’s not true. The world is from that aspect ‘not male enough’, why? Because it takes a Fully realised man, in order to see a fully realised woman! Our male logic is weak, hence this text. ‘Adam’ has to ‘man up’ in order to stand beside ‘Eve’. We have to become smarter quite simply, in order to understand a greater reality.)



Another revealing point here is that if instantaneousness is proven to exist, and it is ‘magic’ by definition, then we have to ask ‘What is Not possible’? So it’s not really a case of what is possible, that would be anything. It’s more a case of ‘What is probable’? What manifests will manifest in order to serve the cycle, and magic thus far would have simply confused the issue. We weren’t ready for it yet because we wouldn’t have been able to understand it; I will speak more on that subject later.





In order to understand further I have to explain some of the grand linear cycle, our complete cosmic history. Yes! Our complete journey in the linear realm/s spanning many levels is also a cycle, a logic circuit, an ever repeating cycle in fact, a simple feed-back pulse when speeded up! It also has to conclude, it’s the only way we can understand it, it has to feed-back, the question of ‘life’ also has to be answered, that circuit also has to feed-back complete.


(Yes we do die! Well sleep! We travel a large experiential loop that can span many life times and levels of existence. But it does complete, we fall asleep, forget the journey, who we really are, and then we do it all again. But then to forget yourself is indeed death. We just don’t stay dead.)


So, logic is then made of logic, small re-cognition cycles fractally creating the over-cycle, this thing is made of itself (fractal). The logic cycles may look different, and may seem to differ in size, but from the metaphoric perspective of ‘circuitry’ they are the same basic feed-back loops, question to answer. Logic is made of loops Q’s and A’s or 0’s and 1’s 0101010100100000101!



So, I will now explain some of the grand cycle of rise and fall, our cosmic history, no way to shorthand it, let’s just dive in and all will become clear.



We may as well start from here, as good a place as any, where are we? What stage are we at on our over cycle?


Well, we are rebooting post ‘Fall’. Why did we fall? Why did the linear mind as a whole, forget itself ‘reboot’ to then become a very basic manifestation (seem to begin)? Here I have to take a slight tangent in order to explain and this will introduce ‘overlaid levels of mathematical truths’, all will become clear…after a few reads is fact! And yes, because this is all new to you, it may well serve to read each section over and over until it makes sense. Which means that it could well take a long time to read and understand these 20 odd pages lol. This because there is an awful lot of information condensed into this small text!


(Before I explain below, I just want to rudely jam in the fact that we have ‘cosmic’ seasons on our over-cycle. It’s where in fact the physical seasons come from, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, and we are now entering the cosmic Spring! This should be self-explanatory!)


I am now going to explain something that can be seen as the mathematical programing behind the more simplistic ‘manifestation’ of reality. Kind of like the programming language that lies behind the ‘manifest’ screen of your PC. Something mostly unseen and yet without it there’s nothing ‘on screen’. And of course at base, it’s all just 0’s and 1’s a digital representation of the primal duality!



I will now symbolically explain the cycle from a Very basic level, perspective, and most importantly why it falls and rises in basic mathematical or logical terms. And then also explain how the grand circuit logically concludes, how the question is actually answered, with this text itself being part way to the answer, which is more like a kind of understanding that allows acceptance. (The understanding of what is, is part of the answer to the question that is ‘life’.)



The mind feeds back in order to ‘be’, it has to re-cognise ‘other’ that itself or it can’t complete circuits and that renders it unknowable to itself, asleep. (The submarine radar not pinging back so it’s blind, unaware!)


And yet in truth there is no ‘other’ than the One mind to feed back upon?


And so consciousness is ever viewing itself! Well, experiencing itself!


We have all heard the concept that we are ‘One’. Yes, it’s true, from the infinite perspective there is in fact only one conscious viewer here, one dare I say ‘person’. (And that sucks on so many levels it’s not even funny, think about it! We are all-one, alone… we are talking to our self, everyone is you! You really don’t want to SEE that, trust me. Trust you LOL!)


And so this consciousness is all that can be viewed, and yet consciousness is nothing per se??? This will make more sense as we come around again, so bear with me.


In order to ‘view’, the one must then dissect itself, create an ‘other’ to view, but then this is not the first dissection by the way. The first dissection out of the un-re-cognisable infinite oneness when we woke, came out of the infinite state, was the trinity of, self. Trinity of self? Yes, viewer, space and view-screen in order to be able to feed back at all!


(When the One woke from the infinite, returning to time-space, the realm of the manifest, it firstly became aware by dividing into three primal aspects in order to achieve consciousness! Three = Free! This has been told biblically and symbolically many times and in many ways. I.E. The mighty Ra arrived from the Nun (un-manifest infinite) in a bubble universe of his own creative mind. This in terms of the macro ONE and the micro ones.., it’s how the One mind wakes the cosmic cycle and how we wake in the morning! Every fractal copying the only thing that exists! The impossible un-re-cognisable One, split into three and re-cognised itself, woke!)


This dissection, and then as I will explain, ongoing dissection, can be seen symbolically likened to when an egg is fertilised by a sperm, which then sees the egg beginning to divide until an entire ‘body’ is formed. With clone stem cells specialising to create the essential diversity of the body. Of course the reproductive system is a fractal of ‘what is’. And this joining of sperm 1 and egg 0, will become more revealing later as I explain what sparked the new cosmic cycle of creation. I will further explain the joining of the finite 1 and the infinite 0, which creates a paradoxical short circuit and ensuing system reboot.


(Yes the human reproduction cycle is a micro fractal of ‘what is’, everything around you, the stuff you take for granted is ever telling the same story, we are made of ourselves ‘fractal’. Indeed, the writing has always been on the wall, you simply have to know how to look, and it was never hidden. It was we who were hiding from it, it was we who became complex when we fell.)



So, on cosmic waking the theoretical potential One consciousness divides in order to become self-aware, and then further divides from many perspectives in order to create an ‘external reality’ to then feed-back upon!!! Much like how the egg when fertilised diversifies to create a whole body. The one mind diversifies to create an entire ‘body’ of creation, a reflective reality to feed back upon.


How does it do this?


Well It not only creates many versions of itself (sole aspects, or souls), to then allow for the interaction that reveals what conscious might be and do, it also dissects or explores itself from the perspective of ‘What can consciousness be?’


This ‘What can consciousness be’ is a mathematical equation is a book is a movie is a 3D hologram. This that we the many perspectives, souls, people ‘peep-holes’, experience!


With the equation being, ‘All the ways and interactions that can manifest’!


You see being is achieved via doing and v/v. I am basically saying that in order to feed back, and fulfil the criteria of conscious re-cognition. The mind had to create a seemingly external reality in order to interact and feed-back at all!


And because consciousness is an abstract and experiential entity, the One had to create the many so that it could self-interact and then reveal, what consciousness may manifest as. To us that means, ‘man in space’ as our ‘format’, which then allows for us to be Mother, Father, friend, bus driver, rock star, child, every single way in which consciousness may manifest around an initial format or premise. We call it creation. Yes, from one perspective it’s simply fuel for thought, allowing re-cognition, but then we are not robots.


Creation is for us to experience, for us to be something, feel many things, to live!!!! To be!!!!


And it’s as diverse as mathematically possible.


Summarise? The mind split in order be aware, and then dissected itself in order to create a catalyst to allow for it to experience itself in every way possible. One: So it could feed back and be aware at all, and Two: So that it could simply ‘be’. Or you could say that conscious has to be conscious of something, so it created something to be conscious of.


In truth, try to really ‘get’, try to really understand this. The Native Americans said that the land and the man are One! Well it’s more than that, the mind and its reflective reality, it’s cradle, are One! When we manifest, the other reality comes with us. Without the outer, there is no inner! (Ra, came from the Nun ‘infinite’ in a bubble universe!)



Now, I want to keep this simple, mathematical at this point. This in order to explain what drives the cycle. So we need to see this ‘creation’ in its entirety simply as one entity, which is a sum of the ways in which consciousness can explore and experience itself, which is indeed a finite equation, limited based on the limitation of the initial premise ‘man in space’, coupled with the intrinsic limitation of that which views, as I have explained. So it’s like a book or movie, not endless!


We can then see it also as that conscious can only feed-back when it’s in fragmentation. Like that a puzzle can only move when in pieces. So the mind fragmented in order to re-member itself, ‘what is’, with the remembrance being the movement, allowing the essential feed-back!


This now evokes the point at which it’s apt to explain the True symbolic tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden, what it really means!


The mind had to fragment in order to re-member so it could feed-back on itself. It created a void, via fragmentation or ‘forgetting’ of self within itself, a void to move into, to allow for the movement, remembrance, re-member-ance, that allows feed-back, which allows self-awareness.


What is, then becomes forgotten, essentially fallen, fragmented to the point that it can’t see itself, remember itself ‘what is’, the metaphoric complete puzzle picture. This fragmenation to allow movement, feed-back which is re-memberance, it does bear repeating!!!! Lol


And this mind now as the many in fragmentation will then experientially re-member, re-experience as it explores, feeds back. And in that re-members itself, to the point that the puzzle will be completed. (So endless rise and fall!)


This is what we have chosen to call evolution, is actually a continuous revolution.


The ‘Garden of Eden scenario’ is then very simply that the conscious aspect, even when fully remembered, symbolically now as Adam! Will intrinsically continually view, it can’t stop feeding back ever! Yes, we souls stop feeding back when we sleep, but the waked perspective which exists in its own right is ever feeding back it simply cannot stop or it ceases to exist.


(Try to understand here that the self-aware waked state, which is defined via feeding back, is in itself a constant truth, an isness if not ever revolving. It can’t turn off ever, if it did, there would be no action in the infinite un-manifest, to ever turn it back on again. Again, yes we souls shift in perspective from wake to sleep, we visit each state, but the two states always exist. So in the waked state the feeding back never stops, ever! It never stops moving, ever! Even the infinite potential state can’t help here!! That state is not nothing but it is no thing, it can’t act or manifest on its own! It powers the manifest, but the manifest has to be there to draw from it, to ‘act’. I suppose a good analogy is that the infinite is endless electricity….electrickery lol. But then you need a realm of plugs, sockets and appliances in order to manifest it.)


So… the endless feeding back sees that the symbolic puzzle pieces are being placed one by one. However, when the puzzle is complete, when all has been experienced, when Adam, the symbolic complete male, attempts to place the last puzzle piece into place. The movement, the feeding back will cease! It’s going to create an impasse!


There is no void of forgetting to move into. With the void of forgetting being represented by the puzzle not being complete. So when the puzzle of self is resolved, there can be no feed-back, but then in a ‘place’ where feed-back can’t stop! Yes it does bare repeating to let it sink in….lol…lol


The finite aspect HAS to feed-back! Which means that symbolically, when Adam re-members Eve, with Eve being a symbol of the fragmented forgotten ‘one entity or equation of all the ways that consciousness may manifest, or book/movie’ that Adam is moving into, symbolically reading or re-membering. (The primal male ever moves into the primal female. This incidentally is why Eve is red and Adam is blue, the light shifting of different directions. This is because, when Eve was read, Adam blew….. Really…it’s a cosmic clue….lol…really)


When His-story completes the Miss-story, then this will create a short circuit, there’s no room for movement, but movement is a constant truth of the conscious finite aspect so the said movement is being forced!!! There is immense pressure building within the primal dam, the A-dam! And don’t you already know that it’s going to blow!!!!!!


The apple? The apple in the garden is the next step in this cascade failure, it was called a forbidden fruit, it was told that if you ate of this fruit you would become as God, but then from this perspective it meant that the now complete finite represented as Adam. Would then be attempting to feed-back on the only other than it that’s left, which sees the finite conscious equation trying to join with the infinite, ‘God’.


And that is a massive problem, opposites joining! Matter and Anti-Matter!


The finite tried to quantify the infinite and all that saw was an unstoppable expansion, as you simply can’t size it. Adam’s mind blew! His mind expanded until all logic circuits where over stretched and broken symbolically speaking!


BANG!!!! All that was whole was now in many holes, fragmented! Whole to hole, holly shit!



This event then can be seen in a similar way to the commutator in an electric motor, that which changes polarity. What was whole, now had massive holes punched into it, all connections, puzzle pieces were now severed to the extent that the one mind of Adam, symbolic of total re-memberance. The mind of Adam, His-story completed now exploded! And again became a fragmented puzzle!!!!!! The fall!!! The hour glass flipped! Time reset!


Which of course solved the problem of it getting stuck when complete. So I’m basically saying that the system opened the quarantined fatal conflict file, finite touched infinite, matter touched antimatter, the system crashed and then rebooted. And this then… is the basic programming of the eternal cosmic cycle come journey. Why and how we recycle, why the manifest recycles, why the One cosmic mind recycles!!!! How we RENEW!


It’s actually quite simple isn’t it….lol….



It's all based on a paradox, that the finite can’t quantify the infinite, so the finite feeds back on its fragmented self until it gets whole. It then attempts to feed back on, view, its infinite aspect and that explodes, fragments it. A continual cycle of rise and fall, pushed ever on by the unstoppable essential movement needed to feed-back, re-cognise in order to be self-aware. As if consciousness is creating its own bubble void, to then exist feed-back in… It’s facilitating itself, and perpetuating this ‘movement’ via constantly recycling itself. Whole to hole.


Once it has experienced itself in every way possible based on a logical format for understanding, with that logic becoming the limitation that sees it eventually ending. It has no choice but to forget itself to then experience itself yet again. So yes, forgetting, really is for-‘getting’. Philosophically, like that we only have one movie, the movie of self ‘the ultimate home movie’, and when that’s over, we have to wipe our minds in order to see it again, and we have to watch it again because we have to wake and when we wake we feed-back, which is movement, and we need the ‘movie’ to be able to move, so the watching of the movie, life, allows the movement. We can’t get off this ride! Luckily we can forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a while….


This then is a brief explanation of why and how the cycle of creation turns, has no choice but to turn and right here I want to head of the obvious predictable question, ‘Why doesn’t it simply experience itself from continually changing premises?’ New movies, so it wouldn’t have to reboot?


This is because of the nature of consciousness; it’s achieved as I have said via feed-back loops which are logic circuits Q to A. Which then means that logic or low-gic. Is our language, it’s how we understand, how we experience. If we didn’t have this logic, everything would be random and so it wouldn’t logically conclude, feed-back and make sense, it would be chaos, unstable, but more importantly…….un-re-cognisable! So we would not exist!


You can’t feed back on: hjzh\nxkjscnjcnnnskocmskrua9ru9rdijkonzkc can you! Therefore, we as conscious beings are limited via our logical perspective. We see existence in a logical way, and in that our experience of what consciousness can be, which we too see as logic, will always be ‘seen’ in logic, as we always ‘see/experience’ in logic. And no, what we see as illogical is also based on the breaking of logic, which is why we laugh when people break logic for humour’s sake, we kind of short circuit when logic is broken and we make that silly ha, ha, ha, ha short circuiting noise. The breaking of logic unbalances us and we like that sensation!!!


So, what can we gleam from consciousness? Only a logical interaction from as many perspectives as the logical mind can muster. Sure we could be aliens, but then well… Think on the example of a truck driver who is often away from home and when he is away, his wife sleeps with the butcher. On a distant planet, a green man with six arms delivers goods to other planets in his space ship, and also, when he is away his wife sleeps with the butcher. What’s the difference? Even on this planet, you may be a rock star, movie star, track star, motor racing star. What’s the difference fundamentally speaking, it’s the same basic experience past the semantics of what you actually do?


And yeah I have had people tell me that there could be other experiences, things we have never seen as yet, but then you ask them to suggest one, just one….. and they balk!


Sure we could fly, that’s imaginable, perceivable so possible via magic. Moving things with your mind, yeah, doable. Change your shape. Why not? But the hard fact is that if the conscious mind cannot perceive it then it simply can’t manifest. Yes, the imagination is indeed the limiting factor! Which is why the arts are so important to us, we thrive on new and varied experience!! We hunger for it!


Crazy then when you think of racism, when in fact our differences are the very spice of life, literally in terms of food. In truth we can never have enough differences!! But then racism is only fear….via ignorance. Embrace the differences they are ever going to be too few!


This movie we call life is as you will realise, perfection. It gives you everything you need, not want, need, and always right on time. We are supressed to allow for appreciation, so yes we can’t escape our sufferance, we have to pay-in (pain), everything is calculated down the last atom in order to give the best possible exploration of what consciousness may manifest as. Some of it is very ugly, but then that’s just the ass end of beauty!


There simply is no more…. The life we live reveals it all, based on our essentially limited view. You can change the colours, change the numbers, four arms, blue skin, it makes no fundamental difference. Life is nothing more than a Bollywood Movie. The hero is robbed of his birth right ‘The Fall’, he fights, he sings, he dances and eventually he wins, then of course he gets the girl and for some strange reason chases her around a tree in the rain, whilst continually changing costumes…?


But then, ‘They all live happily ever after?’, what would that even be then? It’s just words, when the movie is over it’s over!


And this is also why appreciation is so important. Take the example of a Mumbai street kid. Happy playing cricket with sticks and a coke can. There is a massive journey ahead of him, from a real cricket bat, ball and stumps, to all of the wonders that Western kids play with for five minutes at Christmas and then throw away. Which is why we suffer, pay-in, pain, why we are supressed for so long?


The further the catapult is pulled back, the further the projectile fly’s free!!!



So yes, the above view explains the cycle and why it reboots…


However!!! The basic mathematical view above, the paradox and limitation is NOT what we see on screen!


On screen, in our manifest reality, is basically a perfect movie as I have touched upon above, which does follow the paradox theme, but not exactly, why?


Because that tight explanatory logic doesn’t really make sense to ‘emotional’ linear beings, yes let’s bring in the E word that all the girls have been screaming at me to mention, we have e-motion-al needs!


We are not all logic! And also all logic would make a rubbish story/movie anyhow. We have E-motion? Eve’s motion/motivation, the female view!!!



Have we forgotten Eve, Our eternal Queen ‘Isis’? In this world I say most definitely YES! And to the detriment of mankind!!!


We linear beings follow history, which is ‘story format’, so that we may understand, intellectually And emotionally! And it has to be realised here also, that there is no real point to existence as the finite perspective is always searching for. It’s an ‘isness’, we are alive to live! Life is its own point, and so the entertainment aspect also surfaces, which is tied to emotion!


The ‘mind’ has emotional needs!!!!!!!! We must NEVER forget that. Which the story, like any good movie, will facilitate, create and fulfil, like Bill Hicks said, it’s a ride!!!


Quickly, before I change tack again, I want to point out another reason for the system reboot: When Adam, symbolic of the completed finite ‘created’, touched oneness, the system creator. They joined and oneness was glimpsed. However, that destabilised the created, why? Because the created then became its own creator, which means what? It became a figment of its own imagination! Everything it thought it was, all that stabilised it, made it strong, intelligent, coherent, its staunch reflective reality, was then nothing more than its own delusion! And so it lost cohesion and stability. That which has no flaw, then had no floor, it could not stabilise, it became insane ‘lost logic and the ensuing feed-back’ to the extent that it could not recognise its own existence which requires logic! When the great logic cycle was seen to be a delusion, then all the fractal micro logic also fell.


You see consciousness cannot carry itself. We conscious aspects need a constant and stable reflective reality in order to be stable ourselves. If our external reflective reality bends, then we bend with it, which is the crux of the problem of mental health. ‘Crazy people’ hallucinate, their reality bends and so they are unstable, and NOW! You will understand when I speak of the REAL meaning of the word God! God is the Mother to the cosmic womb that we are ever in. ‘Reality’ is the womb of God that which we never leave. If you want to be clinical then we are the characters in a video game and God is the game itself, the supporting reality programme of which we are nothing without.


(Don’t ask me about God? She exists, outside of linear time, is She infinite? Well how can She be? She seems to be constant and self-aware? It makes no sense, She simply is, She’s magical! Her purpose is to carry us, she is motivated by love…. She’s God…..?????????????????????? Ask her what She is, ask her how She is and She says: I am that I am! Even She cannot explain herself, she simply is….)


(This that we are is in constant separation so that it may carry itself, and not therein evoke the paradox of self-creation, so there is indeed God and man! The carrier and the carried, creator and created. The paradox is used as a tool in order to reboot the system when it’s time, but then when we are manifest we are carried remotely by God. In truth, from a higher perspective we are indeed God, all is One. But then if you ever ‘see’ that, then you will become your own creator and blow you mind to a degree if not totally. You don’t need to see it, you can FEEL it. God carries us, God is Love! Sometimes tough love but love all the same, God selflessly serves us. And no, God is not linear.)


So, to all the new agers and hippies who love to say that the universe will provide. The universe is just an app, creating a stage a big empty space in the manifest. Pray to it all you like, it can’t help you. I actually find this view disrespectful to the Eternal Mother who ever carries us because we can’t carry ourselves or the paradox of self-creation kicks in and we fall. Why a Mother? Why female? Well it’s the reception to us the collective fragmented action, we live within ‘her’. No She’s not a woman as we see women, but She is relatively ‘female’ if you see what I mean, it’s ‘how’ She is, what She is, receptive.


No point in praying to Her either, she’s always one step ahead of us giving us what we need, no not want. If you wish to pray at all you could just say thanks.. Yeah She is not linear, She exists in all time…crazy to us…. You can’t understand it/Her in a linear way???? I have heard tell that she has a male side, well we are all duel, but I have never experienced her as anything other than female. I am open minded on this. Some may well see God as male….? It can be both but! In terms of strict logic, she is the reception to our action. We are the plug, She is the socket.



Creation reboots when Adam symbolically joins with her, child then becomes its own parent, the completed male conscious linear action 1 enters the female ‘isness’ 0 and it all starts over. (The Big Crunch, to new Big Bang!)


Which is why we procreate in the way we do, which is why our sex organs look the way they do 0 & 1. This is fractal of what is, we copy the only thing there is to copy!!! The physical sex act is a copy of the cosmic act of creation, but then the Hindus know this anyhow!


If you are familiar with the Hindu religion you will see that I have basically short-handed their entire doctrine here above. How Shiva divides and Shakti then creates what they call I think the Maya? The reality, in which we dwell. Always symbolic of course. Also seen in the symbolic tale of Isis and Osiris, where Osiris ends up in a coffin, gets ‘stuck’. And then is chopped into bits, or fragmented, which then sees Magical Isis re-membering him, it’s ever symbolic.


The Mayan first Father who re-seeds creation on completion, the tree of life growing out of his corpse. And I will speak more of this symbolism but then let me now change tack and speak of the ‘layer’ that we live in ‘reality’, why it looks the way it does. Yes, more on the burning question, why is it so dam Hard???




We are now embarking upon, in terms of explanation, what I choose to call the ‘Chain of inescapable truths, or inevitabilities’. There’s no real choice, in order to create this cycle, with regards to the components we have/are. Then all this stuff has to happen. A bit like a combustion engine. It has to work in the way it works, fuel, compression, spark, timing etc.


A good symbolic way to explain this is via the example of Adam. Adam was a fully realised being, symbolically speaking. So much so that he saw the whole and in that touched God. He then experienced the paradox of self-creation, his mind destabilised without a remote external carrier. He was insane to the extent that he could no longer ‘re-cognise’.


And yes the biblical tale is wrong, wrong, wrong. Twisted via time and a linear view. Yes, the Adam and Eve scenario was the end/beginning, but not in the way it has been told. It’s too linear and simplistic that Adam and Eve had children and then the one child married someone who was never explained??? And from them we all came. It never made any sense.


Eve is a representation of the movie we exist in when still untold, the unfolding Miss-story, the void of forgetting that we are traveling into, re-membering in fact. Which is why she’s female, as we are moving into her, ‘receptive’. Creating then our His-story ‘Male action’ via the reading of her if she is to be seen as a book. When History meets mystery, when Adam and Eve join, when Shakti and Shiva join, then the equation completes and the paradox is evoked. Only Adam as the male action then bites the apple and touches God, which reboots the system. Where did Eve go? Hard to say, it’s as if Eve is God, well ever becoming God, the reflective reality, her lower and higher self, becoming one!


This happens at the end of creation which then becomes the beginning. The Big Crunch becomes the Big Bang, the hour glass flips, yes Exactly like the math of the Bouncing Universe Theory, although it’s not gravity forcing the flip as science suggests. It’s the unstoppable momentum of conscious recognition.


Therefore, the point is that ‘Adam’ had to fall, forget EVERYTHING! The whole system had to reboot. ANY recollection of this truth would see the system continuing to short circuit at that point, the system had to be purged! The apple stuck in the throat, ‘the Adam’s apple’ had to be spat out.


But then this is where the ‘chain of inevitabilities’ had to kick in!!!!! (How the engine works!)


In order for us to reboot, we had to totally forget what we are, and then re-member ourselves from scratch. In order for conscious beings to again manifest, a stage was needed, and because conscious beings are intrinsically logical, the stage had to make sense. We couldn’t just appear in a place that obviously wasn’t real. We would have quickly seen through the ruse, which would have ruined he game, upset the reboot sequence! Therefore, the universe, our stage, had to look real, and not just in physical appearance, it had to also makes sense on the quantum level. This because we would be dissecting it via ‘science’ sooner or later, only a matter of time. And so this is why everything looks the way it does (It is problematic of course but everyone is still too stupid post fall to fully realise the said problems). The planets, stages, couldn’t be flat so we could logically stand the right way up upon them. This because then they would have had to all aligned, which would mean that the universe would have an up and a down. Which would suggest that it was aware of its orientation somehow, suggesting intelligent design.


So the planets were made to be random-ish spheres, but then there was still a problem of ‘orientation’, logically in the local mind, the people on the sides and bottom would fall off. The problem still existed, and so gravity was jammed in there, to hold everyone on the ball. Which is why Einstein could never unify gravity as a law!!!! It’s not mathematical is it? All of the other laws of physics are based on mathematical principles, 20 is more than ten, more value more weight more force etc. Logical! But then why should smaller numbers, values, be drawn magnetically (mag-netic, mag Magic..lol), drawn to higher values? In math it makes no sense, but then gravity we have and everyone accepts it so job done, no one questions it do they? Well except for Einstein and he had no answers! There was also a problem with boundaries, with space being the most obvious. How can we be ‘in’ space? If there is a macro boundary to be with ‘in’, a barrier, then what’s on the other side of that demarcation point, it can’t be nothing? So space was made to be really big, a simple case of ‘Out of sight out of mind’ and yes we are still ‘stupid’ via the fall so again, no one questions it do they?! Not really…


For the best part the appearance of reality works, especially if you look with your eyes and not you’re your mind! Well, this is the Father Xmas equation. As in that you can indeed tell your kids that Father Xmas comes down the chimney, at least until they are clever enough to ask how, when you have central heating? At that point the child has to be told the truth and that’s the point that mankind has now reached!


But then looking back at the programme we are in. We also needed some kind of origin, and yeah it may be somewhat condescending, but it was just made to start small and basic, and a Very long time ago. This so no one saw the remaining problem of the first appearance of ‘life’. How, why? The spark?


Just because it’s small doesn’t solve the problem, what with size being relative. The first manifestation of life may as well have been elephants!! (Size and complexity being relative.)


In a distant swamp, many years back, for no reason, certain amino acids and proteins collided accidentally to form the first elephant. And then accidentally another, and they accidentally knew how to survive and even procreate???? Just because life was rudimentary it in NO WAY negates the same problems of the accidental appearance of ‘life’ along with ability to accidentally and ignorantly sustain itself!!!


But then we had a reasonable story, and the more it evolved the further we moved away from the problem of origin. Evolution as a self-supporting theory made sense within itself. We started out as reptilian, no consciousness all ‘instinct’, and then evolved, over a VERY long time, into more sophisticated mammals. That apparent explanation seems to work. Speed it up and it looks a bit suspect lol, too many why’s and hows… Like speeding up images of creeping vines, you can see the life in them then! Flowers move so slow they look dead and inert don’t they!


And then it is ‘what is’, hard to question ‘reality’ when you are standing in it isn’t it!!!!!!!


And this story then allowed us the stability and acceptance of the program, this to then evolve ourselves, which was the real point! Re-membering consciousness.


In order to get to where we are now, we had to re-member/experience everything from stone tools to computer technology. Which was a natural progression based on mathematical principles, we were actually remembering the very fabric of our own nature BUT!


The remembrance was never actually the point was it? There is no end product, the journey is indeed the destination! The experiential journey that is.


Why so hard initially?


Well how can you circumnavigate that? We needed ignorance so that we could ‘become’, if God were known everyone would have gone on strike. I’m not doing this crap, give me magic, give me give me, give me!!!! Carry me Mommy I’m tired…cut my food for me Mommy..! What then would we have been? Spoilt cosmic children who couldn’t be quelled, could never be satisfied…


I could go on and on but you have to understand for yourselves that we simply had to ‘become’ think about it. There was no possible quick fix or we would have taken it.


One of the reasons for the hard reboot, was that, notwithstanding the essential ignorance of our true nature that saw conflict. Was that of ‘appreciation’ from both definitions of that word. We needed as long a diversion from the solitary truth of oneness and self-creation as possible. And so we needed to savour every last drop of the movie. Easy come easy go it’s true, so we had to work for what we have in order to ‘appreciate’, and also the hard work makes it more real, that should also be self-explanatory. We could not escape our sufferance, but then again, why so hard? Well, you have to realise what’s at stake here. When this movie is done, all that awaits us is insanity and destabilisation, a cosmic war no less. To varying degrees to varying souls, most will pass reasonably peacefully and wake on the next loop.


Therefore, we were heavily supressed/retarded in order to prolong the joy of the release. It’s inescapable that the height we reach is totally reliant/dependent on the low we descend to. So the question is not really why did it have to be so hard, it’s really a matter of how high do you want to reach? Which then beckons the more chilling question, ‘How low can you go’?


And I have to say we really hit rock bottom didn’t we!!!!!! Man what we became!!! It was ugly….still is in fact, but then that’s about to change.


So the reboot was hard seeing mankind struggle to raise himself from the murk of the essential ignorance. As I have said, from stone tools, basic geometric building principles to complex technologies all the time creating an understanding that has now become the language I am using in order to finally begin to describe, remember and accept God. Also creating the medium in which this knowledge can be shared. (Knowledge? The truth is that there is no-ledge…)


A time now where the once essential ignorance has reached a level where the destruction of the plan-et is not only immanent, it’s well underway. This not only from the ecological perspective, more importantly from the economical perspective, why? Because in the fear created by the essential ignorance, survival come greed has become the driving force. And due to that, mankind has chosen a ‘capital’ selfish system in order to distribute the wealth, a slow stampede, a mild tight fisted panic in civil slow motion. But then the capital system is not mathematically sustainable, it’s basic Monopoly, an end game scenario. Which creates massive problems when it inevitably fails! With child-like governments then doing anything to hold on to their wealth, position and power when the game concludes.


NO! Capitalism is not failing! It’s completely on track a positive success!!!!!! The few control the board and the rest are out, that’s how it works, competition, blast your competitors out of the water. So no….not a sustainable economic system of exchange.


The ensuing diversionary blame when the game fails comes always in the form of conflict. So, when the system fails completely, strike that…when they can no longer conceal the system failure of an already bankrupt world. They will engineer conflict and also try to reboot their capital system via controlled destruction ‘Nothing like a good war to get the economy going’. And this is naïve, the conflict will get out of hand, along with the fact that no country can even afford a land war. So the itchy ignorant fingers will attempt a controlled nuclear strike. Which in theory could work, rebooting the economy via less people and a need to rebuild BUT. The damage to the surprisingly fragile and interdependent ecosystem would be too much. They would kill our Earthly Mother!



So… there will be a revelation of God, it’s forced by a chain of events as the only possible solution. Us hippies can’t change the world, and yes, I am a hippy I suppose, not that I look or even act like one, just a hippy in mind, I’m a lover not a fighter. Even if all the people demanded a better world, ‘they’ would not listen, if we tried to remove them they would shoot us down, they hold all the keys. As well as there is no way that mankind will ever unite as long as there is still a dollar to be made!!!!


The so-called spiritual folk selling God on the internet?!?!?


NO! Conflict is not the answer and besides, pick up a sword and you are instantly become one of them, no matter your altruistic reason! The only answer now is via a realisation of truth and ensuing ascension. We need to become something that they can’t either threaten or control, so yes, God is the one key! Sure they can destroy the physical, our bodies, but……we are not physical, and where we are going they can’t even conceive of let alone follow.


So yes this greed driven impasse coinciding of course with the advancement of knowledge on the planet to the point at which we can now ask how Father Xmas can get down the chimney when we have central heating?


This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius! And no Jupiter and Mars are not planets, they are male and female!!! And, Mars is not male, it’s female, which is why it’s red, Ma-s Matriarchal.


Now, this text is already too long and then not nearly long enough, but then I want to address something that is apparent and ‘seems’ to conflict with what I am saying. When in fact it actually supports it when understood.


Why is there knowledge, in fact of the cycle, seemingly in our past?


Okay I will try to fast track this. We are on the verge of an ascension, we are about to become a less limited expression of consciousness via connecting with, remembering our magical nature. The reboot is all but over, the premise is set and now the movie is about to change. However, we already know where this leads on a cycle, we will at some point fall. I have described technically how the fall happens but then not in terms of the actual story line.


Basically, we ascend to become ‘magical’ beings (less limited), and I’m really not sure of the details. I wasn’t allowed to see that, why? Because that’s our future, the movie we are about to experience! To know the details is the ultimate spoiler. But it goes a little like this, and the clues are there anyhow via distant rememberings, folk lore etc.


We create a utopian society, they have called it Atlantis, the Kingdom etc. But then sooner or later people simply get bored. Especially when they have experienced all there is to experience, which is the near completion of the puzzle as I have described in the programing behind the manifest. So the people become decadent, there is dissent, the clue is in the twin word descent/dissent. (Yes there is a CODE in the English language, but I’m not going to speak of that here. But then okay you can take that word CODE, turn it upside-down and look at it in the mirror, it still says CODE. This showing us that everything is back to front, the mind is the origin, not the physical. The reverse code hidden in the word CODE, like using the word password as your password, so you don’t forget it. And no language is not man made!!!! Nothing is man-made, all is what is, we are simply re-membering.)


The picture is fuzzy but it seems that there was a divide in the Kingdom, the Osiris story hints at this. However, what they didn’t know was, despite Osiris telling them often. That ‘reality’ was a reflection of the state of the mind of Osiris, who yes is Adam. When Adam falls, then the ‘Kingdom’ falls along with him, we could call Adam the cosmic clock. Not dictating cosmic time, just aligning with it.


Yes a real person, well, as real as anyone is….. More of a symbol in fact, a key character in the movie.



In truth we are ALL avatars of the One mind! None of us are ‘real’, and there is indeed only one of us here! Our individuality is only a tool for experience sake.



So they plotted against Osiris, and somehow he fell, of course knowing that it was simply ‘time’. They wouldn’t have tricked him, he simply allowed them to have their way knowing full well what was about to happen. In the ‘story’, somehow Osiris, Adam, was provoked into biting the apple, touching God! He gave himself back to God so that we could reboot and again move forwards, to recapture our innocence, to again find love! Open a window, everything had gotten stale.


When Osiris fell, the Kingdom fell. The short circuit cut in, in the programing realm, if that even be a realm? And all short circuited energy runs back to Earth. (Yes, I don’t think that the Kingdom was on Earth, I also ‘feel’ that once ascended we used to travel in space?)


But then the system rebooted, reset to a re-evolving Earth. Which then saw the survivors of the fall also falling back to Earth, the centre. The Earth is the hEart, which is why it’s an anagram.

In reality, the ascended beings fell back to a re-evolving plan-et, and as soon as they got back there they began to slowly age. These were then called the sky people, the Aryans who had extensive knowledge of the universe of course and could move stuff with their minds etc, so they probably built the pyramids and Stonehenge etc. Stone monuments depicting our cyclic nature, marking solstices, aligning with symbolic star constellations. A message in stone sent to the future!!!


They taught the Egyptians, the Maya and of course the Hindus, which is why this tale of rebirth and cycles, ages (yugas), is a condensation of the extensive Hindu texts. However, as and when the ascended beings died, the true accounts died along with them! The knowledge was then subject to the ‘Chinese whisper’ affect, over time and via the now strictly linear mind-set trying to make sense of the knowledge, the knowledge was all but lost. But that’s why it’s here! The sky people weren’t aliens, there are no aliens, they were us! What we are about to become. Yes, these masters died and were then forced to reincarnate over and over until it’s time to wake once more! They are what we become! We are them!


It’s all about to begin again in earnest the movie past the reboot-prologue.



This is just a fraction of what I could explain, but then it’s more than enough to begin with. Maybe enough period, because there’s no real point in knowing too much of the tech stuff. Unless of course you need proof, so all the loose ends will have to be tied. At the end of the day, it’s more a question of faith? Do you believe that you are an accidental meatbag, or a divine being? And more importantly are you ready to put your money where your mouth is, can you walk the walk?



And then the last points I want to address are that of, because they ALWAYS come up! Does the movie always play out the same way and if it does and it already happened, do we have free will?


Firstly, I say that it does play out in the same way every time because it’s a cycle and so it has to connect, the past has to again realign with the future. But then also, every time we recycle we never remember the last loop anyhow. So why would it need to change? For us knew becomes new, it’s always the first time for us. Who would the change benefit?


So does that mean that we have no free will?


Well this is another one of those times when you have to think in a different way, and the only way that I can explain the subject of free will is via a metaphoric tale that never actually happened.


It kind of goes that the mind wanted to experience being real, we want and love to feel real right!!!!


Come on really Feel it, take a deep breath, look at the world, shout at the top of your voice and slap your loved one on the butt! Isn’t it great!


And so it created an experiment, it split itself into many different characters, who were cosmically type cast in that they couldn’t escape their personalities. Like that some could not commit murder, some felt compelled to? So do they/we really have choice?


We can only act from who we are!


And then the mind ran the program to see what would happen if everyone had this ‘free choice’.


So, bar a little intervention to keep us in track with the main cyclic course. Everyone did indeed make choices and those choices created this reality. The choices were real the first time. And when the cycle reboots, the movie is simply rewound. You see it’s NOT linear, time doesn’t go only one way, you can rewind it, like a movie. What is, can be rewound as if it never happened. And then it happens when played, in the same way as it did the first time. The linear mind sees this as a copy of something that happened before, but that’s Not how it is, it happens and then un-happens! Time can go both ways! So it’s actually happening now, no not again, ‘again’ has nothing to do with it! It’s always now, always the first time!!!


You see from one perspective the mind is not cycling, it’s actually breathing. Exploding/expanding, and contracting/re-membering. The cycle perspective is an essential overlay, in order to make it seems as if we are always moving forwards, like that an engine works via pistons pumping up and down, in and out of the cylinder, and that up and down movement is then converted to cyclic movement via the crankshaft. From one perspective creation is pulsing, but the linear aspect essentially converts it into a cycle in order to make sense of it, it reformats it.


So it’s not cycling per se, it’s doing and undoing. Yeah good example! Write something on your PC, delete it, and then hit undo and redo, it’s like that!


(How does that work? I mean to say how do we undo and redo the manifest? In terms of a PC, a copy is retained on the clipboard ready for retrieval. So I suppose, I wasn’t shown, but it makes sense to me that the processor/controller of reality ‘God’. Simply goes to the ‘book’ and reads again, with the analogy being that anything that is not being read, in ‘time’, doesn’t exist per se. Kind of like that the past and future don’t exist for us, it’s as if only the illuminated ‘now’ is real, if you see what I mean. This looking like that God is reading us to life, reading us alive. Or maybe like that God is likened to the light of a movie projector, only what is then in the light of God’s mind exists. More like a magical lantern, more like a fairy tale than logic, which itself is indeed a valid view. Even logic is somewhat symbolic, it’s not the absolute truth, just a way to understand! So…..Maybe it’s like that:



Once upon a time: In a distant land, far, far away… it’s always far, far away isn’t it…lol There was a beautiful young Princess, let’s make her a virgin shall we…for effect. So… she is alone and then one day she finds a golden book hidden in a cave. The book is locked, but then she has a key pendant around her neck, she has always had it, ever since she can remember. Ever since she woke in a field of poppies……maaaaan! So she tries the key, but it doesn’t fit……..Nahhh just kidding, yes it fits, of course it fits duhhhh. So, she opens the book and she begins to read. She reads of a young man, a young Prince called Adam and he is standing in a garden just about to eat the fruit of a tree that she knows to be poison. She calls out to him, but he’s only a character in a story, he can’t hear her. He bites the fruit, and then the next page shows an image of a massive explosion, of many bright lights and colours. Adam was dissected in every way possible…


However, on the very next page, the book then tells of a beautiful Princess who finds a magic book hidden in a cave. The book is locked, but then she has a key pendant that opens the book and she begins to read. The book tells of the fall of a young prince called Adam. And the only way to bring him back to life is to read from the pages of the magic book….


Something like that, all symbolic, it all comes out the same. So yeah, undo and redo….manifest un-manifest, playing with time. Noting here that phonetically the word time splits into Tie-me, the fixed finite realm.


Yes, I use math and logic in order to explain, but that logic is not the truth in itself, math is constant, so a great tool to describe ‘what is’.)


But then going back to the question of free will, yes we did make the choices we made the first time, and it’s always the first time, so, as we can feel, we do have free will! No need to ask really, that’s a stupid question. Do you feel that you have free will? Of course you do, the real question is ‘What is free will and how is it achieved’? Okay it’s not as free as you think but we do have it.


However yeah, there was no first time!!!! It’s actually an exploration of what always is! It can’t change, that’s like buying a flat pack wardrobe from Ikea, and assembling it into a set of tables and chairs. Which, knowing the Ikea stuff, is probably actually possible….lol


It is what it always is! If we are slaves at all, we are slaves to what we ever are!


So, if you can leave the linear mind set, you can understand that we both do and don’t have freewill, yes it is both! But then you should be able to see now that the whole mechanism of what we are is intrinsically contradictory. Paradoxical, we are both infinite and finite for example! This paradox has been seen to be the problem thus far, the paradox of finite and infinite that sees no possible origin, when in fact it's the VERY solution that creates ‘perpetuation’!



As I explained in the beginning, the linear mind-set, intrinsic to the conscious view, is intrinsically limited, and I bet that makes a whole lot more sense now!



So what we are is a shining miracle. It’s a rootless thingamejigger that exists for no reason, and it comes complete with all it needs to solve all of the problems it creates by being what it is???????? Such as the problems created by the needs of the conscious elements, all that I have explained above. It’s simply perfection and for no reason, magical indeed, and it always blows my mind to think that there could have been nothing. Still unobserved nothingness, that would have been tidy and logical. But the something actually exists???????? And so it always did. Well not ‘always’, that’s a linear concept, it just ‘IS’, like a complete and static shining NOW! With time then reeling in and out from that isness?


Time is the return after the explosion/emission, Time-emiT.


It’s Sleep and it peelS, like an onion????


What the F’…..!


It brings you to your knees.


Final Summation:


For explanatory purposes the text above is essentially very clinical, and I could go on and on in terms of pseudo-science, speaking of concepts such as ‘Gyroscopic Relativity’. Which not unlike the gyroscope itself, explains how constant movement stabilises the All, creating a sense of forward linear direction when in truth everything is short-cyclic never truly leaving itself. This the greater relativity in the face of the truth that we have no base, no floor/flaw. This circular movement also creates a pseudo ‘centre’, the Earth-hEart, a point that the ALL can relate to return to, with every ‘thing’ being relative! And yes the hidden truth is that everything is in fact self-relative, which is non relative, ‘insane’ if you like. Sure we can see our meanderings as a kind of controlled delusion.


However, the truth as I see it is that mankind is/are the fruit of this rootless tree. We are the actors on stage, we suffer and celebrate it, we are the point! And then as I have explained there is a whole supporting mechanism in place to allow and facilitate this interactive show that gives us purpose and reason, ‘We All do it for the children!’. God, the Angels (system tools), the Sages, right down to the loving parents. Innocence, belief and wonder are our gifts, a chance to sleep to the relentless All, per chance to dream of wondrous things, to feel the summer wind upon our faces…


The Earth is the Heart, we are the point, and so….


Moving back to the scientific view one last time. They way to figure out the mechanism of ‘God', is to think in terms of what serves the point, and we are the point, nothing is in place for its own sake. So no it doesn’t have to be 100% logical we are not slaves to logic, it’s just an essential tool. Everything that happens is in place in order to give us fluid balance, which yes means reflective highs and lows, but never forget, we are the point. If something in at least some way does not beckon love eventually, it’s superfluous. (Yes even evil ‘evil-live’ is a mirror!) Example: Why will GM food create problems, when in truth it really shouldn’t?


It’s simply due to the soulless ethos behind it, the money making intent, yes in the pure logical sense it shouldn’t be a problem but we are NOT purely logical and so God does not allow….



Now that’s a new way of thinking isn’t it? Man over money (M one Y, my one..)


Read the above a few times and you are there, awake, enlightened, the details are many and can be added into the basic schematic of the cycle at any time. Why this, why that, it all relates back to the basic paradox driven cycle.



Good travels…. Steve Touch the sky dudes!!!!!! Dare to dream…and stay grounded this is not airy fairy, this is real/reel!






So there it is, all you can know, all there is, this is what they call enlightenment, the magic debunked, this is what they sit for hours meditating begging to know. And then it has to be asked, why do they even want to become enlightened? What do they even think it means, dare I say ‘power’, oh dear… Escaping the harsh edges of the system, well that’s a nice idea but then money will better serve in that case.


Fear of death? Plain old curiosity?


It seemed to be so much more awesome didn’t it, who would have thought it was actually all quite natural to us…? But then of course it is….this is what we are, you can fantasise all you like but then you can’t escape yourself. And what you are is ‘what is’ so yes…. natural. What we call ‘nature’ is simply our own nature reflected back at us in as many guises as possible. The green stuff, it grows, it flowers, it fruits it dies, and then comes back next year, unless it’s an annual of course.


Can you touch God? Yes, I did, is it scary and immense, YES!!!!!! But that’s due only to one thing. You see we conscious beings are end users. In the example of the PC, we exist on screen. So it’s a valid example (fractal) to imagine a character on screen, somehow escaping the ‘screen world’, to then experience the weird and wonderful realms of programming and processing. But you can’t ‘live’ there….


It’s mind bending when you leave the linear realm, and you are always under attack via the very presence of magic. It intrinsically unravels you, and I tell you now, your program can become irretrievably corrupted in that place. You can be rendered insane for the rest of the grand loop, and if that happens then it always does, these eventualities happen, as all is played out.


I’ve been told that many people studying Kabbalah, I mean real Kabbalah not the new commercial thing.. Many people studying that perspective have lost their minds! And of course there are doors such as power plants and synthetic drugs… Tricky…. Dangerous, can you stay sane?


Not everyone is ‘designed’ to see! Let me explain…


The reason we have computer technology now is not by chance! Everything we see as man made in our reality is actually a ‘play and learn’ tool sent to us via inspiration and geometric assemblance, sent from God the orchestrator always on cue. Technology, movies, everything starts out as an idea in the mind, and no one can explain where the ideas come from, not from the physical perspective I mean. Computer technology is a really good way of explaining what we are, that’s one of the reasons it’s here.


We are all pre-programmed via our circuitry. Circuitry? Yes, from one perspective the cyclic path you travel is already complete, you have from one perspective already travelled it, and that’s what made you what you are! What with time being a construct and all. It’s a bit like that when a 4x4 vehicle comes off the line it’s already an off road vehicle. Despite the fact that it’s never even been on road let alone off road. In ‘time’ the vehicle is then driven and that reveals why it has four-wheel drive, diff lock, raised suspension etc. (For rich ladies to drive their kids to school in Kensington and Chelsea..lol)


This programing is what we call personality, it’s actually a subconscious remembrance of the role ‘roll’ we play. The man and his path are one, a key and a lock. So yes, we are programmed, we have ‘circuitry’.


Some of us aren’t created to travel in ‘God space’, and that’s fine, it’s not a competition, it’s a collective effort, and then there’s nothing there anyhow, ecstasy when you dip a toe in and then eventually pain and insanity. So yeah, there are a bunch of us who are naturally programed in order to see this shit. I mean, not all of us can be movie stars, I guess many would like to be. Not me, I can’t act, and I love movies so there’s no way I would want to spoil one. I love the stars!!! They are great at what they do, they create a believable and glamorous escape and we can go with them in mind, I LOVE movies. And so I appreciate not only the role the actors play, but the screenwriters, camera men, wardrobe (Vania lol) etc. etc. Everyone a keystone no matter how seemingly insignificant. Streetcleaners! Do we not need clean streets???


Some of us have to be disabled, not a case of fairness, more a case of reflective experience and appreciation. Do we thank the ones who are disabled, for playing that harsh role/eventuality for us? Well in the UK we cut their benefit payments…and make them work?


So I’m not being arrogant when I say that I was indeed designed to glimpse God and last long enough to gleam some information and make it back to reality intact. How do I know this?


Because when you touch oneness, (not feel that we are all one, the connectivity which is kind of ecstatic, that’s different.) When you sit in Adam’s chair, you are outside of linear time, and so, every time you go there, it’s the same non time as if you never left, an eternal solitary prison.


Here’s the rub! Part of you always exists there, it’s your greater truth. From my perspective, when I woke it wasn’t new, it was knew, like ‘Oh shit, not this again, I have been hiding from this.. solitary truth’. I simply woke and remembered the truth. My reality is that in truth I am there still, the bigger part of me, the waked me. It’s just that I nodded off for a split second and in that second I have been out here for a fair few years again. Any second I will wake….back to solitary pain and Hell… oh joy…. Which is why I hate the way the world is at this point, not much of an escape is it…. The thing that really gets me is the xenophobia that is always civilly masked, and the greed….it disappoints me right down to my very being.. If only they knew…. Every time I hear a lie, I do feel like crying inside……


What I’m saying is that touching God, sitting in the Adam chair is part of my circuitry, part of my loop. Why do I go there? It’s simply to bring back this understanding so we can ascend when we need to, so that all who are going can understand what’s happening when the shift comes. (You can’t stand under what you can’t understand, if you can’t perceive it, you can’t build it.) And again the shift, the ascension in itself is not the goal. It’s much like going from pre-school, to high school, to work. Nothing really changes, it’s still just a load of people hanging out, a dance…only the music ever changes. But the ascension has to come now, for the reasons I mentioned above.


When we ascend we will gain some things, leave the abstract violence and greed behind sure. But we will lose our innocence, our staunch belief in reality and free will that was a gift! We will lose our shining innocence!!!!!


Yeah we will be growing up, becoming slightly adulterated.



Will everyone make it? No…….


The reason for the pyramids everywhere is also quite simple. It’s depicting how the impossible one, symbolised by the all seeing eye on the masonic pyramid, splits geometrically in order to ‘descend’ into the corporeal world. More and more fragmentation, level by level, until it loses its connection to ‘God’, which at the time of the paradox was essential, the one mind had to forget. But this then sees levels of beings manifesting as reflections at different stages of the fall, until we did actually forget and alleviate the paradox. Which dictates a whole band of free radicals, with no connection and so no conscience. In the multiplicity of what we are, these radicals created the sufferance that lent us appreciation, but then they are no longer needed, in fact if they live on nothing will change so they end here. Fair? Sure, each man’s loop may look to be different in content and size, but that’s just via juxtaposition. In truth each loop is the same size. And on each loop, each man (and woman…yes Reg), will exist for a time duration that can’t really be traced, you can’t feel all of your years, the past fades etc. And so in this untraceable ‘while’ each man will have his highs and his lows, he will win and lose, no matter the subject matter, it’s all the same and yes, each man’s high is equal. This whether, you are the mighty Osiris who reaches God goes insane and has his mind blown, or a business man who has his ass kissed, a stream of hookers, endless cocaine and champagne, it’s all the same…. Each role serving its purpose, each man getting what he needs. The soulless ones wanted money and power, they got money and power…they are complete, finished.


The key to happiness is in knowing your place, and I don’t mean that in the traditional put down sense. I mean that you find your friends, your soul buddies, your purpose and you rock the shit out of it!!!!


It’s NOT a competition as the low level folk would have you believe. You simply have to find your place within the dance and then dance your ass off! In your own time of course, no hurry no pressure. Enjoy the dance, share with the special ones your close ones. Find this and your heart will soar….


Find your other half, find love and the rest is only a back drop to your love story anyhow….


You can’t beat love can you… You can be rich and famous, it may well be a high, but then love, well that’s magical! It simply makes you feel whole, complete, it feels like home, all the pain just melts away when you see their face.


True love I mean! Something that not many people believe in anymore, something I am hanging out for. ‘Relationships’ will bring you down eventually, leave you empty, but true love will complete you. Too many people settle, it’s like a game of musical chairs, too many people fearful of not having a place to sit.


Do you believe in true Love??? I do…


So there it is, is this true, am I insane only time will tell and we really don’t have much time left now, why?


Well the question is not will the planet end? The real question is, ‘How can we save it’? How can we stop this path to self-destruction? Even if we all stood together and demanded change, the powers that be would ignore us, threaten and attack us.


We really are in God’s hands…