God 2 ‘Philosophical’


Having read the ‘God’ doc., and in that realising that we are not solely logical beings, indeed that the ‘All’ of what we are is essentially part magical. The entire exploration of ‘what we are’ now becomes way more philosophical, as in, ‘If we are not indeed limited physical beings, then why are we tied to this pseudo physical existence?’ I guess what I’m saying is that we are now having a very male - female conversation where the female, which is the more emotionally and magically free aspect, is asking why we crawl through the mud, when we could be dancing in the universe. (The male and female within us all I mean.)


To cut to the chase this is symbolically like a woman asking a man why he’s all business, why he doesn’t dance? Because yes it does seem somewhat stupid even somewhat masochistic to live in the way we do when we are in truth magical.


Well, the magical view kind of spoils us, letting us think that we can fly, that we don’t have to ground, that don’t have to ‘work’, but that’s really not the case. If we didn’t have to ground we wouldn’t be here, that should be obvious by now.


But then we can’t ever forget that we view the said magic via consciousness, which is in ‘mechanism’ ever tied to the logic of time-space. And I say mechanism because the result of the logical mechanism of consciousness really doesn’t need a fixed reality. It can indeed accept and celebrate the magic. What I’m struggling to explain here is that … when we eventually ascend, live in the light of our magical nature. From that perspective It simply seems stupid to ever recreate this harsh reality we are now grounding in, hate, fear, war etc.


When we are rebooted, when we are magical, why ever leave that state, and again, this is more of a philosophical debate than the, ‘information’ likened to the pseudo-science of the God doc.



Which is why I will keep it very short, because there is no real conclusion to any of this. And I already know that this debate will carry on until we reach ‘Atlantis’ the Kingdom and beyond, which is the very seed of its destruction, the reason that the Kingdom falls, because there is disagreement within.



Okay then… Why can’t we stay in the magic?



Imagine we were born in magic so anything is always possible. We would then be more like fairy folk than human ‘beings’.


Which means we can imagine any scenario we like, so: Once upon a time we lived in a magical land and there were a fixed amount of us. Immediately this raises questions such as how did we begin, because we still need a beginning if only to our magical story. The story that is our lives, our purpose! And right here we can see that we simply cannot escape our minds, which work via logical feed-back loops, but... Okay let’s suspend logic for the purposes of understanding.


There were 144 of us magical folk and we all lived in a magical place for ever, we never get old.


Do we then have kids? Or do we miss out on the experience of guiding new conscious beings into a reality, and in that being able to stand back and see the world through their eyes in a secondary way?


If we have kids then we are an expanding ‘relative’ population, which is now changing the game back to something similar to where we live now?


Okay, let’s say that we don’t procreate. So, 144 people and all they have to do is play and dance, for….ever…..and ever….and ever and ever and ever… Play and dance, play and dance. Man I’m so f’ing sick of playing and dancing, I mean, the first few billion years were bad enough but if someone asks me to play one more time…..lol.


Play? Yeah, constructed realities with wondrous manifestations, flying motorbikes, strange animals, you imagine it we did it. We even tried time travel but that just got stupid, each team in the game turning up a moment before the other team in order to thwart them, an infinite cascade into the past…..time travel is unworkable, cheating really, making the games unplayable.


Two billion years? If you think of endless time, which is unimaginable then with endless time being symbolically seen as a massive magical mirror, like a vast sea. A couple of billion years wouldn’t even make a tangible scratch on the surface, not even a mark. The mirror would be infinitely too big to mark. With the said ‘mark’ or quantification being an amount of time. This amount would be so small relatively speaking that you wouldn’t even be able to find it with the most powerful microscope. Forever is a VERY long time lol. Especially to conscious beings who exists via time (feed-back), beings who get agitated waiting an extra 3 minutes for their MacDonald’s veggie burger! (Of course in truth ‘eternity’ likened to its twin ‘Infinity’, is all potential time and so in that, no time. Not a ‘lot’ of time any more than the infinite is really big!)




But then what games would you play in Forever land? With the true question being, ‘What games wouldn’t you play in Forever land?’. (And Yes we would get down and decadent, look deep inside, don’t you just know it! Someone has to say it. What’s the point of being magical if you can’t realise your deepest fantasies?)


Well from here you must be able to think of a few ‘good games’. Create a reality with a purpose, this is like the invention of video games, you could amuse yourself sure. 144 beings immersed in a game, okay…


But then when you think in the context of endless time, and that we conscious beings are indeed limited via consciousness itself which is intrinsically finite, you have to realise that we would get bored. And I’m not talking ‘Ho hum what to do today’ bored. I talking, ‘Man it’s too painful to open my eyes in the morning and embark upon another f’ing painful day of repeats.


Even something like gardening, which is great and rewarding because it’s so slow. Would then seem like a fast repetitive pulse. Seasons would seem more like days.



So… How long would it be before we played the ultimate ‘Game Of Death’? How long would it be before we felt the need to sleep to our relentless infinite truth?



Right back then at the conclusion of the God driven cycle. God running it because we would cheat!



Try to imagine an eternal existence?


Of course from here ‘eternity’ seems like a blast!!! But that’s ONLY because we have been sleeping so long, we have been finite beings since we can remember. Dying and ageing and feeling pain. Relatively speaking, to escape the prison of the flesh would be ecstatic in comparison.


This in a world of work, drudgery, limitation with the odd Holy day, a respite from the mundane, we love our holy days don’t we. But then there’s only so much time you can spend basking on a beach and sedating yourself to party. Maybe years sure, but it Will eventually wear thin.



What I’m trying to point out above is that we can never escape our dual nature, and that everything is relative. Yes we are 50% magical but then magic is NOT the all saving gift you may have thought it was, sometimes it’s simply useless!



Looking back to God now, we may see that God is in place in order to keep us ‘well’, mentally well, because all is mind. God continually gives us what we need and sometimes we need to forget, to fall. Forget the truth of what we are so that we may again strive, and via that strife create needs that may one day be fulfilled. And in a place that via magic, there is no real need!!! Death, ‘cosmic sleep’ is a gift!


God creates the thirst first, (another code word twinning).



This is why we have God! Not that we appointed God, God simply exists, and the word is as true as ever, God is God because God has the final word, so yeah ‘God’. God IS God, you can’t argue with God!



We who-mans can’t self-regulate, f’me, us linear beings can’t even seem to maintain a successful diet. If you were in a prison and meal times were regulated, with meal sizes also regulated no one would be fat!


We try to be strong, but then sooner or later for the most stupid reason we cave.


And so we give our power to God, not that it was a choice, but the All works that way because it’s the only way it can work!!!!!!



A good exercise here is to try to yourself create in mind a sustainable eternal living system that would see you never having to die. With death (deaf to the truth), being cosmic sleep when it all gets too much to bear. Have fun….



???? !!!!!! lol



And so ………it always comes out the same. The recycling due to how we are ‘created’, linear minded via the mechanism of consciousness, will see us sleeping and waking endlessly.


We cannot create our own reality as that would see us as figment’s of our imagination, evoking the paradox, we would be insane. And then fractally we can’t in fact control anything much of the reality we live in can we?


It can sound somewhat oppressive, that we always bow to God, but then in truth we ARE God. God is part of us, it knows us better than we know ourselves, God is not limited by a linear view. God is what we would become if we lived forever, if that were possible and yet God is not like us. This or God would suffer the same paradoxical problems that sees us sleeping and waking.


How can God do what She does? Why does She not get bored? Well this is the magic of what we are, it’s simply because, she is God…. It doesn’t make sense, it’s an issness…?


I have often wondered on the question of God with my linear mind and I see her as somewhat machine like Ma-chine. Like a computer that is not sentient in the way that we are. Maybe like Commander Data in Star Trek who simply accepts his potentially endless existence??? But then I give up, whatever you logically imagine it’s not going to be the truth is it?


(I also have an understanding of a remote relay mechanism that could indeed explain God; I won’t explain too much of it. But it is that, via time displacement and remote feed-back, the big us, could indeed guide the smaller us’s. Until we reach it, which would explain why God melted into me when I joined with Her. When I FULLY realised that I had been talking to myself. Which of course created the paradox, when you catch yourself. Like that She is you, but then you are in fragmentation and so you don’t remember that, you are not that. And then you grow, re-member, and via that remembrance you return to the ONE truth that you have been ever guided via a ‘message’ from yourself on a cosmic answer machine in an empty room…. That’s what it feels like when you touch oneness, one big cosmic joke! lol Literally talking to your ‘self’ in what seemed like real time? It’s feasible, logically possible this mechanism, I could build it myself with the aid of magic, BUT! It’s flawed in that who runs the show when all is fallen? What is the nature of the intellect that remains, it would have to be magic! And there’s that word again, magic! There’s no need for such a machine, and it’s a very male view isn’t it. I sometimes suspect that I am close to right on this but then I don’t even want to think about it, it does not serve. Even if this is true then the self split for a valid reason, so, just trust the self and take the journey. If you can’t trust the self ‘God’ then who can you trust? Yeah maybe there is no real timeless God, just the higher self reflected back as a carrier, this would solve the logic problem, but then in truth there is no real anything and it’s a case as far as I am concerned of that we do have this mechanism and it does carry us so fuck it… Let it be… Do I really believe in God then? Well yes and no, maybe it’s a reflected logic matrix of self, but then ultimately YES I do believe. I believe in what is, I accept it because it’s WAY better than what isn’t (truth). And more than that I believe in the game because it, from the solitary truth of oneness, creates a mechanism that makes us appear not to be alone and that allows for love! And it’s my truth that the only way to quell the pain of what we are is LOVE! So yeah, God really is a great big lurve machine! You can indeed make sense of the entire linear cycle, even ‘God’ BUT, before you get too clever, you have to remember that all of this magic and logic exists why? For no possible reason, it simply is! Ultimately, it makes no difference what God is, and or how it’s achieved, remote feed back loop or magical being, it is what it is and ‘ultimately’ existence can’t be explained. Kind of brings you to your knees doesn’t it. So yeah, take the ride… and to quote from one of my favourite Eagles songs, ‘Don’t even try to understand, just find a place to make your stand….and take it easy……. ‘ Oooooo Oooooo lol


But then advice, it’s just a noise isn’t it, someone expressing their opinions for the sake of hearing their own voice. Let’s face it, everyone is going to do that they are going to do anyhow. Sure we take on board the perspective of others but ultimately we steer our own ships. If I give advice just ignore me it’s a bad habbit lol)


So,,, therefore… Are you ready to wake now???!!! Are you ready to throw off your mortal chains and fly free in the universe? Have you had enough of this mundane existence, has this place served its purpose? Are you sick of the fear fuelled greed and conflict? Are you ready to let the light of truth in, come and chase the darkness away? Are you ready to leap into God’s hands knowing full well that She ultimately can’t catch you, you will be lost and found over and over eternally?


It’s as Alanis said: ‘The only way out is through’.




A point! Reflectively speaking to ground you and lend appreciation for what is to come! I ask, how long do you think you will last at this oncoming party?



The answer should be, ‘As long as I possibly can!!!!!!!!!!’


But if this is all true, if we are about to wake to our magical nature, which is NOT endless. Then I say that maybe we should not take anything or anyone for granted! Try to stay grounded, hold on to appreciation, this or the party will be a mere flash in the pan.


Maybe we should find a unified religion that simply remembers and gives thanks one day a week?



We grounded in pain, but now some of us are paid in full and the ride is about to begin.


Lest we never forget who and what we are, the truth we hide from and the gift of for-getting that creates the illusion of separation.



Treat yourself well, and remember everyone is your ‘self’!



And lastly a continuation of the thread started above, YES! We will become spoilt and complacent it’s inevitable. I think I can even remember the argument where some of the higher ones saw themselves as God’s, it’s not hard to see why seeing what they could do. And this is the time when Osiris falls, giving himself back to creation in order to reboot the system.


I guess they stopped believing that Osiris, Adam was twinning with the clock, they laughed at him as he warned them. But then as I have seen, the fall of Osiris is not even a choice. It’s simply the details of ‘reality’ overlaid upon the more mechanical cycle that will not stop.



So, try to remain grounded…. LOL.. or just do whatever you want, because you are going to anyhow.



It is what it is!



Take it easy….