A Quick Word On The ‘Joy’ Of God



Okay so I've had some feedback here in Bhagsu-nag, saying that the solitary view of God is actually quite disturbing (Sure it is!). (I knew this would happen. When you post anything, void of conversation/feedback, there are always misunderstandings.)

So: You have to understand that the solitary view of God is simply one perspective, all perspectives of the 'ALL' coexist in the same moment. The solitary view is not THE view, not THE truth, it's simply part of the contradictory ALL. And I did also say in the text somewhere, that YES! I did experience the intense love and from so many perspectives, yes even including that if there is only one of us... then how can we not appreciate/embrace the temporary perspective of the many? (All perspectives are temporary fluid, ever recurring.)

Let me make this plain. When you leave this fixed reality, connecting with what I call 'system' God space, which is not a tangible reality like this one per se. You will indeed feel a sense of ecstasy and connectivity! It's as true as you may have experienced it.

The solitary view for me is essential to appreciate the many, 'life'. Too many people seem to take each other for granted.


No we are not simply ever hiding from HELL. But that is indeed a legitimate perspective. It's the dark to the light that everyone wants to stay immersed in. We need a balanced view! No one has spoken of this as yet, and in a world that is FULL of both light and darkness.


And I'm not being competitive and or confrontational here. But the guy who read the doc and gave me constructive feedback, a great guy, grounded intelligent. He read too fast and not enough times. That simple God doc. is small in size but massive in content/realisation!